Get more mods and helpers And Please get the anti-cheat Cause More and more hackers are hacking.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by The man, Sep 17, 2016.

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    As a emerald rank my username is ryan2299 and I played cubecraft for a day and I seen more than 5 hackers and reported them 1 week ago but they are not banned yet mods have seen my report and it is video evidence yet they did not do anything about hackers,and why is cubecraft server anti cheat useless Hacker have tp-Aura anti knock back and flying around the map.The most angry thing is more and more hackers are hacking yet the mods and helpers did nothing and the anti cheat is so omg.And when hackers got banned they got alt and when they got banned ip they use Vpn I watched petezahhute video and I watched the hacker vs the YouTuber seriously come on after a month the anti cheat is not testable.As a member of cubecraft I read the rules and told them not to hack and they don't listen and I reported them with video evidence and it took 3 weeks for a mod to see my video evidence and did not ban them player was caught flying tp-aura and anti knockback I'm just outrageous please do something about this.

    Thank you.
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    They are working on an anti-cheat so please be patient! Also, they are getting many reports daily to check as well as staff applications so they are quite busy at the moment. For now, record the hacker and report and tag a moderator so your report gets seen. And remember, these staff members are not payed and they still do their job really well, keep in mind they have a personal life as well, they are only human.;)
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    They aren't getting payed to moderate on the server. And they are getting 300+ reports a day.
    And that's a lot!

    The only thing you can do is record and then report the hackers here :
  4. Nikboo

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    There are a couple of reasons why there has been a hacker increase. These are:
    • 1) Everyone who was previously banned got unbanned due to the new banning system. Soon, all of the repeat hackers will be permenantly banned again and there would be less hackers in games.
    • 2) A new anti-cheat is in works but it will take a long time to make. Cubecraft developers are working on many other projects such as Freebuild and Parkour so we need to be patient. For now we have to record and report the hackers we see in game.
    • 3) Cubecraft is currently short on staff members so lots of reports don't get handled. Cubecraft is currently recruiting more and more staff members and as soon as helpers will be promoted to moderators, they will be able to deal with reports.
    For now, just be patient and everything will be sorted out with the hackers on Cubecraft :) . I think this can be locked. @zDutchie @Diogu
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    What are the problem that staff encounter which takes them time to check reports? These:
    1. Messy Reports with insufficient evidence (Such as screenshots for fly/killaura hackers).
    2. Reports with no evidence at all.
    3. Reports which don't have the In-Game Name of the player
    4. Reports which are not written in the way they should be:
    Atleast include some info.
    In-Game Name:

    5. Spammed reports from the same person.
    There is ofcourse more which staff encounter. This is why the staff aren't able to check them as fast as they can.
    Just be Patient, it is the Key.
    Thanks You! :)
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  6. zDutchie

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    Sr. Mod
    Opinions and information has been given.

    Please stay patient.

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    Biggest problem I have atm...
    iLoveyouu's reports get done faster than mine... :-;
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