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Sep 12, 2018
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We can sure agree CubeCraft loves their Game Cycles. Ever since the Big Change it's been their go-to place for games that are too fun to be removed but too inactive to be kept. We've seen games getting more members, sometimes less members. Whatever the statistics may say to some people, it is quite certain the Featured Game Cycle is certain to stay.

That's why I think it's important to make the very most out of the concept. I think a lot of potential is not used yet, and to keep the server active, it's very much necessary to use as many potential as possible. This is the idea you're voting for:
- Split the current Featured Game Cycle into two cycles;
- Make a new cycle for Game Duels;
- Make a new cycle for seasonal games during Halloween and Winter.

Each of these three points are explained down below. For all your questions, make sure to read them. If you don't care, leave a vote down already! :agree::unsure: :disagree:
We need to realise how many games there are currently in our beloved arcade cycle: 11! That's a lot, definitely when you realise every game can be played 2 days. This means you have to wait for almost three weeks, and with updates or a lot of bugs sometimes even longer, to play your favourite game. Let's be honest: no one wants to do that. Most people just stumble upon a game because it was there rather than planning when to come online. It takes way too much calculations, and that should not be necessary.
The idea: Split the old arcade games from the beta island games. This means the following:

Cycle one (now called 'Arcade Game Cycle')
- Quake Craft
- Layer Spleef
- Slime Survival
- Line Dash
- Wing Rush
- Paintball

Cycle two (still called 'Featured Game Cycle' due to a lack of a better name)
- Archer Assault
- Battle Zone
- Among Slimes
- Survival Games Solos
- Survival Games Teams
- this new 'Top Secret Game' in the notionboards after the hype is gone from the release

This would cause the following things, which are positive for the server in many ways:
- More people would be able to play their favourite game at the same time -> more members online at the same time.
- People don't have to wait eternities to play super simple games as snowball fights or elytra races.
- The diversity of games is much wider. This causes people to get bored less fast, since the game variety is much bigger.
- Having more different games leaves open a lot of opportunities to grow bigger.
- This makes a clear difference between the old arcade games and the beta / OG games, which are clearly different of concept.
I think it is clear that for community, individuals and the server, splitting arcade from beta would be a great decision, to prevent massive waiting times for specific games, having more people online at the same time and retain those players, as they get bored less fast.
The most asked yet quickest dying feature is the recently added game duels. Very little players were attracted by the individual games, and the waiting times to start a duel is much larger than before. The only two ways to fix these waiting times is to either remove the games again, which obviously is not a viable option at all, or to make a cycle so all the players are combined into one queue. The last option prevents waiting times, gives more hype each time the game is on the cycle and eventually also improves the gameplay experience.
Luckily, only a few games got these cycles (CTF, Egg, Sky, Lucky and Bridges). This makes it fairly easy to make a cycle, as each game would occur at least once each two weeks, for 2 days. Of course, it would not be quite nice for a new game to not occur 100% of the time, but sometimes things have to be done for the better. I absolutely love Lucky Island duels, but I'm aware of the fact that if a change like this doesn't happen, I might eventually end up without the gamemode at all.

Don't choose all on the feelings here, use your brain. It's for the better, it's for the future. Not only short term matters, its also about the long term.

Edit: I almost forgot, Competitive Parkour should be in this cycle as well!
Although I love every addition and every game Cube produces during the holidays, not a single of the holiday announcements went without a comment like: 'Where is Present Rush?', 'What a shame we can't play snowman survival on java' or 'Carving chaos was only there for 2 years. Where has it gone?'. The decision CubeCraft makes on the game line-up is never easy. But, why would we even choose? If we make a cycle with every game occuring a week (or 2 days per game, but that might be too short), all games could be played, a lot of people would be happy, more variety would be brought to the server and after all, we are very attached to the nostalgics. Why choose if we dont have to, definitely with such an amazing selection of holiday games! Note that this is only during the specific holiday, not all year around 😅

Note: This thread is part of a much bigger thread which hasn't been posted yet. It will be linked in here and vice versa at the time it is posted.
Another note: I'm not back on the forums yet, I just want to throw this out before I might be too late, as Java is going downhill and games aren't starting very fast either. Please vote, its for our future! <3
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Dec 3, 2016
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I have been thinking about splitting the current cycle for a while, happy to see someone with the same idea make it into a post! Big fan of this one :agree:

The new cycle for game duels seems a little much to me, it would require a new NPC and all duels are tied to their own game rather than needing to be in a separate NPC. :unsure:

I disagree with the season cycle tho, these games should be something special and their charm is only being available when the time suits them. Can you imagine playing Ender during spring when blossom is all around? Or Present Rush when its 30 degrees celcius in your room? :disagree:
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Sep 12, 2018
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I disagree with the season cycle tho, these games should be something special and their charm is only being available when the time suits them. Can you imagine playing Ender during spring when blossom is all around? Or Present Rush when its 30 degrees celcius in your room? :disagree:
guess you misunderstood. I mean, instead of having only one game each seasonal event (e.g. Ender during halloween and not Carving Chaos, and Colony Control during the winter instead of Present rush), having all possible options cycle during that event. The NPC for one game would be replaced with an NPC for the cycle, and would be removed after the event ends, just like that happens currently, but then for one game. Hope this clears it up!
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Jul 5, 2021
Don't really agree to the Duels cycle, but everything else seems to be a good idea, so :agree: from me :D


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May 29, 2019
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Firstly, I feel the game duels shouldn't be in a cycle, as they can remain with the gamemodes npc's.

However, the rest of the suggestion I do agree with and would like to see implemented. I think it would be really nice to see some variation regarding the seasonal games around the specific holiday.

The suggestion upon splitting the featured games is a good idea seeing as there's so many games in the cycle already and would hopefully grant more diversity of games being played and less waiting for favourite games!

Thanks again for the suggestion Blom! <3
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