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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by telegamer, Feb 26, 2016.

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    Alright. I know one mod is not another mod, but come on man, please make some buy some glasses. I know this sounds weird, but this is the problem I am facing:
    One mod asks for a full screenshot, which I can sometimes understand, well, only on reports that have not been made by me. I make my screenshots using lightshot, others use normal Minecraft F2, but I don't, I simply prefer Lightshot.
    Anyways, they ask in the template thread to provide the full screenshot, meaning the full screen. They ask this to make sure that the screenshot was made on Cubecraft itself. HOWEVER,
    Can anyone tell me that the following screenshot was not made on Cubecraft.
    This mute report was denied, for the reason being that I didn't provide the full screenshot. However this is unfortunatly not the only example I got, so please, either look better at screenshots, or.. yeah just look better at them.
    Oh an yeah, btw: some mods DO accept non-fullscreenshots, which is weird, isn't it?

    -telegamer ~ Owen
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    Maybe if you make screens on places what's typical for CubeCraft and edit -i think you can do that with Lightshot- the screen. Maybe they believe you than? :)
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    We ask for full screenshots because we must see your full client due to:

    1) The evidence actually being on CubeCraft.
    2) Whether your client is clear of Mods that we do not accept i.e LabyMod
    3) Also it will let us see if you've been provoking the player into saying these offences.

    To be honest, when I used to report I never used to put full screenshot, however due to recent changes of report policy i.e Not accepting reports from LabyMod users, we require full screen shots.

    Thank you for your co-operation.
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