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Friends list or Party?

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Jan 30, 2014
Everyone has this idea and it's a great addition to the server.
if we are playing with each other on skywars or sg etc.
we have to shout in the chat what map to join and they fill rather quickly.

<Angle Brackets> - Required Argument
[Square Brackets] - Optional Argument

/party invite <player>
Player receives invite.
You have been invited to a party by XMOAB2DEATHX
/party join XMOAB2DEATHX to join.

Once the leader right clicks to join the game. it'll take the party with them.
Easy joining games and a lot simpler for players. MAY ALSO REDUCE SPAM.

Extra Notable Commands.
/party list

Player 1 - Online at Games Server
Player 2 - Offline Last seen 3 hours ago at Kit Pvp

/party disband
(end the party)

/party promote <player>

This would benefit the server a lot.
@halothe23 @rubik_cube_man ?
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