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Give players kill credit from combat loggers!

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Sep 22, 2021
Hello CubeCrafters!

I'd like to suggest adding a proper punishment for combat logging in Free-For-All PvP:
If a player logs off during combat, then the person fighting them should get kill credit.

Recently I've faced a few foes in FFA where my enemy logs off or does /hub just as I'm about to strike my final blow. It makes fighting really frustrating, as I am about to win a fight but I don't get the kill because they leave the game.
Currently, combat logging doesn't punish the logging person at all and the person fighting is just left stumped.
Combat logging is not only annoying, but can also be toxic.
For example, a person was once annoying an FFA server by saying ''cry all'' in chat and logging off immediately when they got in a tight spot, then returning immediately to the server. No kill credit was given to anyone and the person kept annoying people.

Therefore I suggest that combat logging would count as a kill in FFA and Assassination gamemodes.
The kill credit would go to the person who last dealt damage, just like the kill credit goes on environmental kills, like fall damage etc (if anyone has dealt damage to the dying player).
This change would discourage players to log off during combat and give players proper reward where there otherwise would be none.
I'm not suggesting that loggers should be punished by bans or anything, but instead reward the players that attempted to kill the loggers.

I've put a poll below in case you're interested to vote on my suggestion. I'm happy that most FFA players don't combat log, but the few that do shouldn't get away so easily.

Thank you, have a good day :)


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Jun 4, 2020
On most big-name Minecraft servers they already have this feature. That's quite odd that a server as big as CubeCraft doesn't. It's honestly completely fair. If you're chasing someone down for a few minutes and they eventually just log off to annoy you, it should most definitely be punishable and give you the kill.
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Jul 20, 2017
I don't play FFA that often, but I'm a bit surprised seeing this suggestion. You'd say it's pretty self-evident for this to be a feature. When people leave in for example Lucky Islands when they fall in the void but before they die, you still get the kill, so why not in FFA?
The staff team is trying to catch up with suggestions I read, so hopefully we'll see it implemented soon as it's already planned in a suggestion from earlier :)
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