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Queen Ualala

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May 4, 2020
FFA Crazy mode will have kits which feature lucky block drops!!! So there will be no lucky block breaking actually. It should also have crazier potions!

i’m going to make some very rough suggestions here; I havent thought them out well, just the general idea-

1. Wizard
Standard Wizard Kit but with random tipped arrows and a bow, potion wand.

2. Samurai
Same Kit, but there’s a random chance to get Speed III, you get a shield too!

3. Thor

Standard Warrior Kit but you got Thor’s Hammer, A KB stick

4. Ninja
Speed II
Invisibility Wand

5. Archer!
Shotgun bow, Machine gun bow, regular bow

Introducing Powerups:
spawn randomly around the map:
Explosive Bow, Regeneration Wand, Grappling Hook Bow, TNT Wand, Jump Boost II potions etc.


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May 30, 2020
I think this would be really awesome, and if they added ffa to bedrock even if some people didn’t like it there’s always enough people and it would also make for a monetizing “FFA rank” so overall bedrock or java it’s an awesome idea ;)
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