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Sep 29, 2020
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Original: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/ffa-1-9-berserker-kit-new-stats.280555/

As of now, the Berserker kit in FFA 1.9+ is FAR too weak.

It’s stats now:
- Diamond Chestplate
- Diamond Leggings (Protection I)
- Diamond Boots
- Diamond Axe
- Wooden Sword (Knockback I)

As you can see, this kit doesn’t have very much armor, a weapon that isn’t strong enough to counter that, and a very weak sword that is completely useless. This kit in it’s current state doesn’t stand a chance against the other kits, especially Beast and Warrior.

So I’m thinking the stats of the Berserker kit should be:
- Iron Helmet (Protection I)
- Diamond Chestplate (Protection I)
- Diamond Leggings (Protection I)
- Diamond Boots (Protection I)
- Iron Axe (Sharpness II)

So as you can see, this kit should have a lot more armor, but not the highest since it has a weapon that does a lot of damage per hit. And it doesn’t have a sword with knockback because again, no one would use it and Berserker is meant to be an axe kit. If you wanna go for knockback then choose samurai.

Let me know what you guys think of this with reactions and comments under the thread.

- The Axe Wielding Vindicator
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