Favorite Egg Wars Map

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Joeyoyog, Aug 5, 2016.

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    I'd say that my favorite egg wars maps are

    Storm Due to its rushing feeling and how easy it is to take from other islands EX: having 3 Lvl 3 diamond generators
    Also I like SPACE Due to its 4 player 4 team simple composition and for the realistic like planets especially earth for the accentual continents being on there. Also for some people that don't know on the SUN and EARTH there are lvl 1 diamond generators on top of them. and on the planets behind the ships there is a lvl 1 gold generator.

    My LEAST favorite map would be Pizza. but only because there is 1 direct way to other islands which can be protected than you have to go from either semi close or somewhat far (other pizzas) to get to others and if theirs campers it makes it really difficult to break eggs since you could easily be punched off due to it being on a ledge.

    Would like if you posted your opinions in the comments if you would like. Like the thread if you agree or comment yes or no and why
    (only if you'd like)

    thanks :D
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    Tbh I feel the opposite. I love pizza, it's so fast paced and I like to rush, so it fits my playstyle perfectly. If you're having difficulty breaking eggs on pizza you're slow. And I hate storm because everything about it sucks. Mid is so far from islands that one team gets diamonds and then spends the rest of the game camping.
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    I don't play a lot of Eggwars so I don't have any favourites and less favourites. So I'd say I love them all. :p