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Faction Server Perk & Ideas

Dane Donnelly

Nov 27, 2013
Corona, Cailfornia
The CubecraftGamers Have Came Up with some faction ideas and donator perks that should be put in the game

1.Unlimited sethomes- This would be a Emerald Donator perk that instead of sethome 1-6 they can do anything like /sethome Mesa if these happens I will definetly be upgrading to Emerald

2. Silk Touch Spawner- this is a super popular plugin that enables you to mine a monster spawner with silk touch this plugin I have seen on every faction server I have played on and would be a good one to add to Cubecraftgames

3. Villager Trading- Me and my faction found a village and where gonna make a emerald farm so we did that and whenever we go and try to trade with villagers it just brings up the survival shop

4. /help- It is currently the same as the amazing plotme saying thing like go /p auto to get a plot

5. Donator Perks At Spawn- all the signs are saying donator perks have no yet been updated for factions

6. /sethome 3- for some odd reason lapis and above can't use there home 3 so it is pretty useless

5. Colored Signs- Currently Colored Chat works fine but it doesn't work on signs like it did before this works for donator only


Dec 26, 2013
Happy Land
1 - OP = Not agreed

2 - OP (Because the xp grinds and such) = Not agreed

3 - Agreed

7 - is not even 7? I mean, if you see, the number 5 supposed to be 7 right?
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