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    hello im boy17000 and i got a suggestion for a game on the surver where no plugins needed for its just an game whif enderdragon and people the game called dragon runners its ass following players join the game they tricker a trip whire hook that will activate redstone that tiks on 10sc till spawn the enderdragon (command-block) they need survive the enderdragon the map cen be efry types but there need droppers in it whif buttons on it so people cen activate the dropper for good armor + bow armor needs be good but bow needs normal strenght. there need atleast 3 dragons if its going to be big map the dragons destroy the map also so what u need to do to get it back when the game finished get a copy of the map //copy than 2 corners from front and back and than the coords where u wand the copy map what u than do is if the game is done just 2m they got to survive if its big map small map 1m if there done than needs be at the end a (command-block) whif //fill and than the coords of the map to place it back. it seems be a realy long taking thing but no i cen do it in 30m if there is no map ready if there is a map i cen do it atleast in 10m i hope its us
    :cube:if u need still help doing it ask me on skype or youtube or u cen find me at creative ultrahard core i will be at least all day online
    - youtube just ask me at a video - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8IRH_FkL58ltQWgEGgoKlw/videos
    - skype (name) is - boy17000
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