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Removing diamond blocks in Sub-Mid Ruins map.

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Apr 5, 2020
The Far Lucky Islands
Ruins map has 2 diamond blocks in sub-mid which is actually unfair for anyone, nobody get always good armors or weapons to fight a full diamond armors guy!
Also, there's a way to craft a very easy iron pickaxe to mine diamond blocks: mine wood get a wooden pickaxe - > mine stone get a stone pickaxe - > mine the iron block downstairs and crafting an iron pickaxe, so WHY it should exist? No. Remove it for better gameplay and more satisfying and fair game.
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Mar 18, 2017
the selfie area
I definitely agree with this! Lucky Islands shouldn’t be about the best miner but rather about the luckiest person.

The strategy on this map has always been to craft a diamond pickaxe as fast as possible and rush the middle (without opening any lucky blocks at all!)

The exact same strategy is used on Candy, where there are some diamond blocks hidden around the map (almost nobody knows about them, at least I have never seen anyone go for them)

It’s a yes from me, especially with the reduction of diamond blocks on the skywars maps
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