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    Hello there, CubeCrafters!

    Are you fluent in a language that is different from English and wish to help CubeCraft with translations? If yes, you’re reading the right thread. The CubeCraft staff team now considers translations as key for the server, and our team will help accomplish this new goal in the future.

    What are we searching for?
    We are searching for dedicated members of the community who enjoy working in a team, and would love to help us translate anything CubeCraft needs to be translated.

    Here’s what we look for in a potential future member of our team:

    • Good English speaker: We know that English is not everyone’s first language, but you need to be able to communicate with the team, as well as understand what you’re translating. If you’re able to do that, then it won’t be a problem for us to invite you.
    • Knowledgeable: It’s very important to be knowledgeable with the workings of the server. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to translate certain things. While this does not necessarily include knowing how the servers data center operates and whatnot, it does include knowing the rules, how to play the games, etc.
    • Being able to work in a team: You need to be respectful, listening, and communicative in order to provide the best translations for the server. When you become part of our team, it may happen that you don’t know how to translate a certain thing or how to use a certain tool. If that happens, always ask for help. We are a team for a reason after all!
    • Trustworthy: We need to be able to trust you that you won’t swear, troll, etc in your translations. This won’t be a huge problem for us if you’re fluent in the languages below, since we have proofreaders that can check through your work. That’s how you will earn the chance to prove you are trustworthy with the time. But, it will be a problem if you are applying to become a translator for a new language.
    The languages that we already have (20):
    • Dutch
    • Spanish
    • Swedish
    • Arabic
    • French
    • Portuguese
    • Japanese
    • Turkish
    • Russian
    • German
    • Bulgarian
    • Greek
    • Finnish
    • Italian
    • Polish
    • Danish
    • Hebrew
    • Hungarian
    • Kurdish
    When you are filling the form that is shared at the end of this thread, spend more time answering the question ‘Why do you want to join our team?’. Things such as activity on the forums, Discord server, and in-game can also help you prove you’re trustworthy. Tell us more about your CubeCraft experience. Since when are you playing on the server? What level are you? What’s your favorite game? Have you found any friends while playing? What does the server mean to you? Have you ever been punished? If so, why? There is no set requirement, but these questions are there to help us find trustworthy members.

    What do you win from joining our team?
    • A good opportunity to practice skills such as language skills and teamwork skills, while being surrounded by pleasant people.
    • Your work will be seen by the community of one of the largest Minecraft networks in the world.
    • If you work hard on translations, you will be rewarded with in-game rewards.

    What happens after you submit your response to the form?
    When your application is submitted, it will be viewed first by our translator recruitment team. This is a small team composed of mostly moderators, who have proven to be diligent, trustworthy, and good at analyzing large amounts of data and information. The team will hold a meeting to discuss your application. If you prove to meet our requirements and have put effort in writing your application, your application will most definitely pass the first step.

    After the team has made their final decision, you’ll be contacted by the manager of the team on the forums - me, @Elenahh.
    You will be told whether your application has passed the first step or not, and the reasoning behind this decision. If your application has been unsuccessful, you will be given tips and advice on how to improve for the next time you apply. So please, after submitting your application, keep your eyes peeled for any unread conversations on the forums.

    Here’s the place where you'll need to submit your application:

    If you have got any questions, feel free to start a conversation with me on the forums or message me on Discord (Elenahh#0732).

    That’s it for now. Thank you for your time!
    - The Translation Team.
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