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Colored username tags for people that are muted.


Jan 20, 2014
Crazy Land
Now, I recently got muted (that's siblings for ya, huh?), and I've noticed that people don't know when you're muted. I play sky wars more, and whenever someone asks me for a "team", I can't respond to say yes, or no. Maybe muted people should have a yellow tag, to show that they're muted?

A lot of people end up repeatedly asking you for the same team. It's part of human nature that people want a respond. Yet, no one is able to tell them that you're muted.

From my experience, they end up trying to kill you first because you don't respond (which I find pretty ridiculous, but oh well).

So mine would be: DracoxSkyline
Or maybe: [MT]DracoxSkyline

MT would stand for muted.
Jan 11, 2014
i say BLACK. and not to feel special, just to let people know they are muted. Thats all. LOL i had a dream once that there were colors for "enemies of cubecraft" and "bad-staff" lol
but ya, i think this is a great idea, and it should be black to show that they were baaaaad.
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