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Categories in Skywars

Do you want the maps categorized in Skywars?

  • Yes! It would be a lot easier to find the map I want.

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  • No! I don't like the idea of maps in categories.

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Feb 24, 2014
on an adventure
I play alot of skywars, and frankly I can't always find the map I want so I just play a different one that's still one I like, but it would be alot easier and I think people would like it better if the maps were categorized.

One section for trees, one section for snowy, etc.

Maybe 3 servers in each category, that continuously keep changing as they get full.
It would be alot easier for people to find the map they would like to play. Although I know this would take alot of work, I have heard we already are getting more and more servers for skywars. I think people would be more satisfied, and play happier because I always find myself having to choose a map I don't like. I find myself looking at a board of [What I find to be,] the maps I don't prefer such as desert, jungle.

I know this isn't exactly necessary or a first priority but it's just a suggestion I wanted to get out there for future references.


@halothe23 @rubik_cube_man
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Oct 21, 2013
Potato World
Problem is one of the categories would be the most popular (probably trees) and that would leave all the other ones empty... So the popular ones are supa dupa busy, unless more of the popular ones are added
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Jan 24, 2014
What about a sign there with all the starting skywars maps available? With this, they could also have a sign for automatically joining a random game.
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