Blockwars Guide (Forest Fight + Double Helix)

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    These are personally my two favorite maps and pretty much the only maps I play on, so I'm making a strategy guide for them.

    Forest Fight

    Build Phase: While this may seem stupid, only one person should actually guard the flag in this map. The other seven need to defend the fort. The person defending the flag should always remember to cover up the holes in the ceiling. Have one person use all his blocks defending the small entrance on the right (the cave) Use 8 blocks to defend the back, 16 to defend the left, and use the others in any way you like. By the end, the only way in or out of your base should be the door to the left of the front entrance.

    Attacking the flag: There are many ways to attack the flag on this map. I'll go through them all, worst to best.

    5. Left Door- This path is very noticeable and there's still a little bit to the flag so therefore this path is not recommended.

    4. Front Hallways- The front hallways are very predictable and is easily guardable so this is also not advised.

    3. Back Door- The back door is a tricky way in because the jumps there are not exactly easy so it's a great way to catch people off guard.

    2. Right Cave- This is a sneaky way in if you use it right. Otherwise, it'll just get you killed.

    1. Front Ladder- The front ladder is incredibly sneaky and a lot of people don't even know it's there. Use this to your advantage!

    0. (Miner Only)- Build up on the Right- Use blocks to build up to the right of the "window".

    Double Helix will be posted tomorrow.
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    While this is a nice guide, I've edited your post to remove the highly unnecessary use of color
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    Nice thread, I didn't know about the ladder and I will use it when Im playin on the map today :p