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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Sophie, Sep 24, 2014.

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    Recently there was a thread regarding points, and how to farm them efficiently to maintain a solid rate of points in as little time as possible. Here's the link to the original post:
    Before i start, i just want to say that all of these methods have been tested. I haven't been to school in over a week, because i physically can't leave my home. :( So i have had a lot of time to grind xp on runescape whilst playing minecraft. Even played pokemon a little, but still no luck on the shiny diglett :(
    The methods below are rated on difficulty to actually do, based on how hard they are to do, how long it takes, how hard it takes to set up, and the requirements to actually do them.
    There are currently 6 methods for farming points that i use regularly. Some are harder to do than others, so you may be better off doing easier methods over difficult ones that offer more points.
    I: Skyblock farms (easy - hard + afk)
    II: Parkour (easy - hard)
    III: Hide and Seek (easy + afk)
    IV: Survival games (medium - hard)
    V: Skywars (hard)
    VI: Factions (hard)

    Skyblock farms
    There are 2 key farms in skyblock that you can make, which will maintain a healthy profit for you and all island members over time.
    Tree and sapling farm:
    Tree farms and sapling farms are perhaps the best points on the entire server.
    Here is a little math that i copy-pasted from an old thread:
    Someone such as myself, with a 100x100 tree farm, which is only half done, does a 90 minute woodcutting run. They get a total of 6 stacks of saplings, and 38 stacks of wood.(True scenario) saplings sell for 8 points per piece, or 512 points per stack. 512 x 6 = 3,072 points from the saplings alone. Wood is 2 points per log, or 128 points per stack. 128 x 38 = 4,864 points. Add them together, you have an insane total of 7,936 points per 90 minutes, which is the equivalent of 39 diamonds. The hardest and most tedious part is selling them, which takes almost as long as getting the wood and saplings, which will result in about 2,666 points per hour.

    Cactus farm:

    Cactus farms, or more specifically, automatic cactus farms, are THE BEST points per hour on skyblock, and there's one key reason behind this; you don't have to do ANYTHING! Whenever i'm not playing minecraft, i leave myself logged in for 6 hours or so, and by the time i get back, i have enough cactus build up from multiple farms to get me over 10,000 points from doing nothing at all! Cactus sells for 10 points per 10 cactus, or for those who can't do 10/10, cactus sells for 1 point per piece. Considering that cactus will be dropping simultaneously all day that you're online, you're going to become very rich after trying this for a few hours. The only downside to this would be the requirements.. It takes a lot of redstone and over 2 stacks of sand and vines to make an efficient afk farm, and there's little point in doing this with a manual farm, as lets face it, you'll spend more time breaking and harvesting the cactus than selling it, and time is money.
    Now, parkour can either be easy as ever, or hard as steel, depending on personal preference. Both methods involve hard maps, but here's the catch; they're not hard at all!
    The maps that we will be looking at are tube #2 and red maze.
    The fastest time i can get on tube #2 is 32seconds, which if we round to 60 seconds to select the map and factor out all failed attempts, 15 points per win x 60 seconds = on average, 900 points in an hour, which can be increased to over 1200 an hour, depending on how fast you can grind the level.
    The fastest time i can get on red maze is 56 seconds, but we will round this to 1 minute. you get 5 points upon completing it, so 60 x 5 = 300 points per hour, but you have NO chance of failing at all once you memorize the way.
    Hide and seek:
    For this, you'll need three blocks, as otherwise maximizing points will prove to be somewhat difficult. These are as follows: gold block, gravel, bookshelf.

    You want to use bookshelf on the library map, the gold block for the easter map, and gravel for every other map. For gravel, you blend in literally almost everywhere. For easter, go to the very north-west corner, and parkour to the top of the bunny. You are literally invisible here; i have never been caught there. Finally, for library, you're going to blend in almost anywhere, so it shouldn't matter too much, however it wouldn't hurt to be a TnT or gold block, go to the second floor, and just run in a big circle away from pursuers. You can get around 20 points per game, which is afk, and even more if you're the seeker on small maps with a full lobby. each game lasts for 5 minutes max, and sometimes earlier. 20 x 12 = 240 points per hour entirely afk with few requirements at all.

    Survival games:
    If you have a team, go ahead and go to survival games. You can get about 15-30 points per game, depending on number of players, as well as kills that you get. I wouldn't recommend this for point farming though, as the games tend to last a very long time, and you NEED to win to get a some-what decent amount of points..

    Ok, now we're getting to the more fun methods. First of all, grab a team mate and buy either the tank III, archer or swordsman III kit. Next, head into a game with a large number of players and get 5 points or so straight off the bat by killing someone with the archer kit before they can even open their chest. This will give you a point, but with a large lobby, a large amount of players would've died, left or disconnected before they have even spawned in, giving you even more points! Victory isn't hard to achieve either, and you'll walk away with a bonus 15 points for victory! This is doubled to 30 points per victory and 2 points per kill if a point multiplier has been activated, which is absolutely insane, considering you are getting huge pay for something fun that you can actually play over and over for amusement rather than points, and still walk away with both.
    Yes, although poor, you can still profit from factions.. If you're an active factions player such as myself, there is absolutely no doubt that you have stacks upon stacks of food, cobble and dirt. You can actually sell this for a minuscule amount of points per time, which isn't much at all, maybe like 10 points for 20 minutes work on factions, but it's still free points and getting rid of useless items for nothing.
    If you managed to read until the end, thanks, as this took me about an hour to write.
    If you have any other ways of getting points, post below :)
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    Kit-PvP. Kill to win xD
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    this is awesome :D
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    I just farm points by playing FFA in the map space, be sure to spawn on the sun and fly forward untill you reach the planet with a little platform in the middle with lava around it. Go to that platform and try to kick everybody off. You can also steal a kill from someone else! So, when somebody kicks a player into lava you simply have to kick that player who's already dying in lava, so when you kick him, the system will think that you are the person who kicked that one player in the lava ;) . Per kill you get 1 point, but when you coninue kicking people in that lava for about 30 minutes, you 'll get about 150 points! Thats the way I like to farm points.
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    Dude why the hell did you revive a 2 year old thread.
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    5- No Necro-posting. This is replying to threads which haven't been posted on within 2 weeks. They are not allowed to be revived (does not include forum games or news threads).
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