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Sep 11, 2022
Hey I have a little problem I have got banned ~2 years ago for using mouse wheelie(i forgot that it's disallowed) cubecraft denied my appeal and I have lost interest in cubecraft for a year. ~year later I joined a server to play some skywars and I AGAIN forgot that mouse wheelie is disallowed and because of being so used to using this modification I grabbed stuff from chest fast and was immediately banned this time permanently. After I think 1 month I appealed and my apeal was denied. So I thought that I will just wait some time and try to appeal again. So i waited about a half year. And here I am with new knowledge that I can't appeal again so I have a question is there any way for me to get unbanned?

-sorry for my English it's not my native language
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Hey I saw a post of yours that you had all the tower defense maps from Cubecraft. Is there any chance you would mind letting me download them? It's really nostalgic for me. Thanks!
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