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May 4, 2023
I got recently banned from cubecraft because I was playing on my another account of Minecraft "ImIn1sane" I got banned in my this account because of my Wi-Fi was not working sometimes players was freeze and sometimes I was freeze in the void then I got banned then I came to my main account "a9o2" I was playing then I got banned because of bypassing ban of ImIn1sane then I visit appeals.cubecraft then the site was not loading I have write my appeals with my mom's mobile cubecraft please CUBECRAFT fix this :(
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You're cool:D
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To answer your question, I changed from playing OP to Normal since the start of Season 2.
The reason I did that is because OP became slower paced and has netherite armor, while normal doesn't have netherite armor and has leather armor.
Even though OP was updated to have protection 1 and double gens, the games became way too hectic so I stayed on Normal mode because I'm used to it
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Thankies for the follow c:
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Happy Birthday :) 🥳🎂🎈
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