A possible factions type(Hardmode)

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Yes or no(please explain why or why not)

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    In this game mode each player starts off with 3 hearts, mobs are more difficult, and some armor changes. Players will be able to buy back their hearts using x amount of money(ingame not irl) but if they die their hp gets reverted to 3. Crafted armor is half as protective, an example being that a diamond chestplate would only give off 2 bars of protection instead of four. The mobs would be tougher to kill due to having resistance 3, speed 2 and strength, skeletons get power 10 bows with no drop chance, and creepers get their explosion radius and damage increased.Crop farms give off way less than they do in the other modes, and spawner farms give slightly less too, and shops have increased prices on everything. Wither raiding is not allowed though, and no creeper eggs. You will need to buy gear in order for it to have its normal value. Finally, even though I don't like the idea of it myself no enchants, but this is one thing that is a voting option.