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A new "Screenshots" forum

Do YOU think this would be a good idea?

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Nov 10, 2013
United Kingdom
I think there should be a "Screenshots" forum where players can share fun screenshots that they've taken on the server! I would definitely post in that 24/7, I love taking screenshots on Cubecraft because of the interesting things on there. Players could post any type of screenshot AS LONG AS IT WAS NOT INAPPROPRIATE! If you need an example I'll attach some screenshots that I had just taken. :);) (There is a poll below)View attachment 246 View attachment 247 View attachment 243View attachment 243 View attachment 244
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how didn't you turn into a bug yet with all those bug reports
Look there are people who think that all messages are for them while it is just for people who are in a party. But then again I can't help myself on behalf of ridicule. Because I mean, without going into further investigation, they immediately go mute. I think it's very bad about cubecraft games that this is happening. I will certainly work on this. cubecraft take a closer look at your helpers.


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