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A new movie :D

are u looking forward to it???

  • nope, because i am a idiot. Whats Minecraft??? :P

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i am currently working on a movie called 'The Wither Hunters' and it is going to be released in March 2014 as it is an animated movie which will be one hour long. If you want to be in it just private message me or tell me on the server.

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PG there will be a scene where the wither explodes when it dies and its guts and blood will fly everywhere
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Noob :)
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Welcome to the forums! :)
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Thanks for the follow!!! :)
I’m working on a skin for myself again, for the thousandth time or something! :)

It’s coming along quite nice, it’s a girl with blue eyes in a white-blue sailor school uniform with pastel pink hair! ⭐

I will share it when it is finished (and when I am on my pc)... :D
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