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Jan 21, 2014
Crazy land
Hello i think there should be a chat section at the top right by the members sign and that if anyone has a little comment that is so small that doesn't need a thread or they just wanna chat that they can put it there and when its not a status update they put it there. It would just be there for the smallest of problems and when someone hasn't fully activated their account they could just put a thing there . And those tiny glitches and People who are active on the server with Rude people that they could report but it would just be a chat thing publicly . Please respond if you don't understand something or need help. THANK YOU, @SevereWarning @Claudia @Lukey_Dude @halothe23 @SGTkuzey @Catzilla24 @LaserDolphin77 @musemat
Please tag any admins/mods i missed
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