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skyblock help

  1. mar1332244

    Is there a way to increase the drop rate of poisonous potatoes?

    I'm currently grinding a quest that requires me to farm 50 poisonous potatoes and I wanted to know if there was a way to speed up the quest by increasing the poisonous potato drop rate.
  2. C

    Skyblock Java - All of my rails turned to Bedrock?

    I logged on yesterday after having not played for about two weeks and I noticed something odd. Every single spot where I had a rail now has a block of bedrock. I'm not sure how many total this is because I had a lot of rails, but it's probably in the hundreds. Even if I place a new rail down it...
  3. W

    Coco Bean VS. Zombie grinder.

    Which one is better? Reply to this thread with your ideas/arguments. Honestly I think that my zombie grinder makes more money faster, because I dont even have a coco bean farm anymore lol.
  4. Xavi | Goofy

    Skyblock Everything You Need to Know

    Hello there fellow cubecrafters! I have decided to gather information about the different islands, crops and generators you can find in the game such as, the time it takes for them to grow/generate, how much their resources sell for in the shop and loads more! Since the nether update...
  5. D

    new hidden quest!

    so a while ago i got book- secrets chapter 2 in that book there is a clue for hidden quest-become one with the dead by feasting upon your victory against them. anyone have any idea?
  6. V

    Golden apples, how to apply them.

    If you visit apples in the inventory, it says that it can boost the speed of tree growth. But how to accelerate growth with it? Can you help? RMB and Shift + RMB do not work. There is nothing about the apple in the plant panel either.
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