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  1. Reesle

    Bedrock New Skyblock Island 1st Edition - Overworld : Bamboo Jungle

    Hello! Today I’m suggesting Cubecraft add another overworld island, a Bamboo Jungle. Unlike the first overworld Jungle island, this one would contain bamboo wood. That means that it would now be possible to craft 18 new wooden items (as seen in the image below) using the new 1.20 bamboo wood...
  2. L

    Java /quest command in skyblock

    Hello, i was wondering if you could add the /q or /quest command back to skyblock. Right now the only way to check quests is though the skyblock menu or the npcs. It was so much easier before the update when the command was still in the game. Please add it, it would make skyblocks gameplay even...
  3. SypherTA

    Worst quests ever

    The quests like the glowstone quests are horrible they take forever pls cubecraft can you lower the amount, and don't get me started with the tree quests . Pls don't give such quests, remove them .
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