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  1. L

    Skyblock people joining

    Hi so I’ve been playing solo Skyblock for the last while and there’s been 2 incidents where someone has joined my game two diff usernames this is over an hour into the game now, is it maybe moderators checking people aren’t cheating? Just a bit spooked as it says they joined but not that they...
  2. pekd

    Resolved Mod requirements

    (im not shure if i post this in the wrong thread, if yes sorry) im trying to become mod and have been trying to complete all requirements, but the "report 10 players" requirement is just impossible to do for me, i havent come across a single cheater in the past few months and if i did, the...
  3. S

    Bedrock Bring back OG games

    If possible, could you guys bring back some OG games, for example: The walls. This was usually found on Mineplex but was also on other servers. This would be a great game to bring back to life and i feel others think the same.
  4. whither_117

    Resolved CUBECRAFT

    Hola a todos; en esta ocasión quiero dar mi experiencia en cubecraft de una manera objetiva, De cada 5 partidas en una te encuentras a players doing trap, con mods ilegales que te arruinan la experiencia de juego porque no hay igualdad de condiciones de juego, hay gente volando, gente que no se...
  5. DoomRaider38


    I had an issue with my game and the staff replied in minutes which for a larger server is very impressive and I just want to say thanks and this server has some really good staff!!!
  6. D

    Teamers BEDROCK

    teamkilled me with this guy
  7. Puchee

    Keep getting disconnected for spam for no reason

    Hi, I'm having an issue that whenever I try to private message someone in-game I get disconnected for spam (it said disconnect.spam) when I haven't even spammed. I'm not sure why this is happening and it's becoming an issue for me. I left the server and reconnected, however, I am still having...
  8. Maurice1337

    Java Forum Moderator, and Ingame Moderator

    Hello Cubecraft Team. You probably do not care what I write anyway, but you can try it. This is just a suggestion, and it would be nice if you could think about this suggestion. There are just too many hackers on Cubecraft server. Of course you can post them in the forum, but that's just too...
  9. R


    Hola ,, he sido silenciado por el spam, pero tienen mal momento dice que he silenciado en 1970 y ni siquiera mi propia existido en el momento, dice que he silenciado durante 3 meses y ya lleva más de 4 por favor me desmuteandome podría ayudar .. . Espero su comprensión muchas gracias!
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