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map bug

  1. LivingLuckyBlock

    Java Lucky Islands Did I just discover a lost map?

    So I was playing Lucky Islands, and upon joining another game, I spawned in some map I never played before. After a little digging i found out this map must be some variation of Art map which supposedly used to be a 4x2 team Lucky Islands map... except this one looks like its for 12 players...
  2. AardappelTeler

    Weird Encounter in the Mayan PvP FFA map.

    Hi Community, I saw a alot of threads saying there should be some kind of squid game implementation in CubeCraft. Im actually from the 1.8 community and was just wandering around in the map till i saw something strange (Youtube link: Click here). I used a mod to showcase this building.
  3. declarebear

    Rainbow map

    I was just wondering if the build team is aware that it is possible to jump to another start island on the map Rainbow. I think it's fun but it could be perceived as broken by some players as it's only really possible with some cages. Video link if you aren't sure what I mean:
  4. bryanbas

    Delete the castle map from QuakeCraft.

    Hi! I play alot of QuakeCraft, and have played a couple games on the map "castle" It is a very poorly designed map. I just now played a game where I got stuck - completely stuck - In a hole. This caused me to lose my oppertunity to win. It's not hard to get in, either. I mistakenly fell into...
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