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    Keyboard & mouse vs controller for pc gamin

    When it comes to PC gaming, there are two main input devices to choose from: keyboard and mouse, or controller. Some gamers swear by the precision and customization of the keyboard and mouse, while others prefer the comfort and simplicity of a controller. Which do you prefer, and why? Are there...
  2. ruzzian87


    I sterted to play since the server are available for ps4. But in the major of times i play any mode some keyboard users can hit very fast,i think is unfair and i suggest lobbys for keyboard users and lobbys for dualshock,for a more fair game (maybe my internet and my skills are bad)
  3. Maaarijn

    Clicking backspace closes my keyboard on phone

    Hey! I don't know if you're familiar with this problem already but it keeps occurring for me lately. When I press 'backspace' or 'enter' on the keyboard on my phone, the keyboard closes. I only have this problem on the forums while typing a thread or a reply (while writing the title of this...
  4. YahirplaysMC123

    Video My experience switching from controller to keyboard and mouse

    i play on the bedrock edition of minecraft, just wanted to get that out in case you didnt know. Hello! For context my controller is a crap stain so i have to switch to an alternate way of playing minecraft. I have a decent quality video kinda showing my experience switching from controller to...
  5. Monkikey

    Time for an hard Poll, about commands :P

    Hey everybody ! I already did a polled thread about the gamemodes in Lucky Islands, but today, it's time for another hard poll ! You all know Minecraft. How would you play on Cubecraft if not ? :p You all know how to sprint, that's right, that's the way to go faster on Minecraft, do harder...
  6. Ellie Williams

    iPads getting annoying

    You know the drill. When you switch to the numerical keyboard on an iPad, type a character(s), then press space, it will automatically switch to the alphabetical keyboard. Same with typing the apostrophe. I find this very detrimental. So my question is, is there a way to turn this off?
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