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golden apples

  1. T

    Bedrock Skywars Golden Apples

    In Skywars, golden apples tend to draw out fights to the point that the player with the most apples wins in most situations. Nothing prevents players from eating a golden apple or five in the midst of a fight and regaining all their health. This is a problem because fights can become much longer...
  2. Almarca

    Golden Apples Eggwars and Speed Eggwars.

    We all know this. Golden apples are the direct opposite of advancement in human achievement. They're not overly expensive, and once acquired by whatever dingbat thinks its a good idea, all hell breaks loose. You all know what happens next. You become blessed by 16 mutually bonded Gods of wrath...
  3. C

    Enderpearls and CC is amazing :D

    Enderpearls I really wnt to complain about the fact that there exist GOD APPLES in OP. And somewhere in a map *ahum* with a broken city *ahem* there is a flying object. People go sit there doing their busy shooting. Ok. But, they will shoot you off while you climb the ladder. Now with e-pearls...
  4. OnePointEight.exe

    The Golden Apple Guide

    This Guide is made to help you maximize your golden apples and win more fights on EggWars from a Golden Apple Chugger Let's start out by saying when to and when to not eat a golden apple! When To: 3-4 seconds of death, depends on combat if it is a leather armor stone axe fight try to eat one...
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