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  1. Gl2Yt

    Artwork Video My very first texture pack Galaxy 16x

    This is my very first texture pack so i hope you can ejoy the most out of it Enjoy :)
  2. cryptofrogz

    Bedrock XP for Skyblock

    Xp For Skyblock Wouldn’t it be Great if you could earn xp from skyblock? Currently it is the only game mode on cubecraft that doesn’t reward a player with lobby xp! I have a idea 💡 My idea is for players to be rewarded xp through game time spent on a island 🏝️ For example 1 xp = 1 minute spent...
  3. TheOrderOfSapphire

    Video I Hit 1000 wins in sky wars duels! 😀😀

    I am happy! XD
  4. dEnIsOkZ

    Parkour speedrun record 0:182 XD

  5. C

    Skyblock Java - All of my rails turned to Bedrock?

    I logged on yesterday after having not played for about two weeks and I noticed something odd. Every single spot where I had a rail now has a block of bedrock. I'm not sure how many total this is because I had a lot of rails, but it's probably in the hundreds. Even if I place a new rail down it...
  6. TBroz15

    All Networks A lighter lobby for the lagging users

    A lighter lobby for the lagging users Yes, this suggestion is highly recommended for lagging Cubecraft users. For some reason, most of the players requesting to stop lag due to lobbies going to be full, the server has raided or many players join at a same time that can be unplayable. This is...
  7. Hey Racc

    Video Skywars Shenanigans!

    Hi everyone! I Recently Created a video including Bedrock Skywars and want you all to see it! Im not the best but I hope you enjoy!
  8. mooniex05

    Artwork Cubecraft as a person! || art

    What if Cubecraft was a person? Yes, I think about funny sounding things like that. XD Then I thought it would be a fun idea to draw and make it come to life through art! Masculine version Feminine version. When making this I thought about how Cubecraft would be if they were a real...
  9. Ediinsonn

    Video Special 100 Subs :s

    Hi! I wanted to share my special 100 subscribers here. On my channel 99% of the content is Cubecraft because I really like this network. If you like, you are welcome! ❤️
  10. SanCookie


    Hey there, cubecrafters! I have recently noticed that there are many hackers on the server, on 1.8, they even fly to you, then they kill aura you to death! Before you know, you're killed by a hacker. So I thought, why don't I make a suggestion thread for cubecraft, there are many good...
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