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competitive parkour

  1. mmfluffy

    Bedrock Parkour Regarding the re-release of Competitive Parkour on MCBE

    A lot of things are kinda messed up at the moment. After playing a few matches, I came across the following problem items: - Certain map's checkpoint pressure plates are not activating, and not giving you the checkpoint - Death Barriers are all over the place, killing at random sometimes -...
  2. xlancegg

    Bedrock Parkour Leaderboard For Fastest Times in Competitive Parkour

    This is something me and many others have wanted for a while. It would be an amazing feature to see the best times for each map and maybe even be able to watch replays of the top runs to improve your own (though that feels like a bit much to ask for).
  3. FoxFil_

    All Networks Competitive Parkour small suggestion

    Hi! I suggest to make it so that after playing the Competitive Parkour, the person spawns next to the NPC (as in the screenshot), and not on the lobby spawn. I play parkour quite often, and after every game, running to the NPC is quite exhausting.
  4. pitzj

    Bedrock Competitive Parkour Map Sleection

    Map selection for competitive parkour is very unfair! People with rank can just choose a map every single time because the maps are always available and will never go offline so they can just do a map that takes only 18 seconds to win. They should really make it so the maps go offline and online...
  5. Nqouir

    Parkour Idea.

    Hello Everyone How's Your Day Going? Hopefully Better Than Mine! Today I wanted to share an Idea, I had about Parkour, I wasn't sure of sharing it, But Im just going to share it and see what people think of it, My Idea Was about Bringing back life to parkour, and to do that CubeCraft Must add...
  6. Oreo♥️

    Escalated Some general ideas

    Hey guys! I've been thinking about making this thread for quite some time, and I think it's finally time to unleash some of the ideas I've been having these days, to know what are your thoughts about them ^-^ Now we're moving to SkyWars. Slight revamp to loot in the middle of the map. It's...
  7. Juskebat

    Java Parkour Update

    Well I can't really suggest an update. But new maps in all categories would be nice. I've played all maps, I've completed all, and I have all possible Medals. I'd like to see a new update with fresh new maps, and I actually want to see Competitive Parkour back! If possible in the same NPC. No...
  8. Juskebat

    Java Edit Competitive Parkour's Sidebar

    Duels & Competitive Parkour do have the same goal, sort of. It's just to duel an opponent. 1vs1. It's kind the same. But their sidebars (scoreboards) are not the same. It should be nice if Competitie Parkour get the same scoreboard lay-out as Duels. Duel's scoreboard: Competitive Parkour's...
  9. Juskebat

    All Competitive Parkour Maps!

    This are all parkour maps played by me! idk what to do anymore lol.
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