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blockwars bridges

  1. Riscakes

    Video DEAD MAN'S CHEST | Minecraft BlockWars #4

  2. Riscakes

    Video THE FINAL TIE BREAKER | Minecraft BlockWars #3

  3. Riscakes

    Video BREAKING THEIR DEFENSES | Minecraft BlockWars #2

  4. Sqnder

    Blockwars Bridges Powerups

    Hi everyone, I decided to make this post because something has been seriously bothering me about Blockwars Bridges. As all of you Blockwars players already know, the goal of Blockwars Bridges is to score 25 goals and win. A very big component of the game are the powerups, which are supposed to...
  5. BWBJustin

    Bedrock I found a hacker, but I forgot to record...

    Yep, that's right. I found a hacker, on BlockWars Bridges, on the Factory map. They used fly hacks to get to my base, but they only scored twice. I had one layer of clay over my team's pit. The key thing is, I forgot to record. My dumb brain was too cocky and focused on winning, that I forgot to...
  6. xHappyMood

    Planned BlockWars Bridges 'Crazy Mode'

    At the moment every blockwars bridges game is quite similar. The only difference can be no modifier/speed/jump boost. So I thought why not add another voting option: Normal Mode (how it is now)/Crazy Mode. What is Crazy Mode? Crazy Mode would make the whole game a little more 'crazy', by...
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