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  1. Dualninja

    Bedrock Blockwars 5v5

    Blockwars 5v5 It was announced today that Blockwars 5v5 will be leaving soon, the first game to be removed since Line Dash. Ironic, as they both came out at the same time. As an avid Bridges player, this came as a shock, especially since the gamemode has been around for over 3 years now. I...
  2. caraMel

    Bedrock Mid-game queueing suggestion ♡

    Hellooooo!! ♫ So, it's been a (very long) while since my last suggestion, but I'm back! Today's suggestion is about mid-game queueing in blockwars (specifically CTF and Bridge 5v5s). I think it’s fair to say that being able to join games in progress has been controversial and not all too well...
  3. soysuva

    Java Tower Defense 2v2 and 4v4's

    I would like to suggest for 2v2's and 4v4's (etc) to be added to tower defense. This would reduce the amount of trolls on your team and games late at night can start sooner. Eggs wars has limited team options too, so it would be possible for Tower Defense. Clarification: 2v2, 4v4, or 6v6 are...
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