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The rules and guidelines for playing on CubeCraft

Last modified: 11-05-2020

1 - Server Gameplay Rules

1.1 - Inappropriate usernames/skins

Any username or skin deemed inappropriate by the staff team will be banned from the server until the offending feature has been changed to a more appropriate one.

1.2 - Use of illegal clients or mods (Cheating)

Any client/mod that provides a distinct, gameplay-changing advantage is illegal. The use of illegal clients or mods is strictly prohibited. Players caught doing this may have their stats wiped. Mods like kill aura, anti-knockback, x-rays, auto-clickers, click macros, freecams, maps with player locations, and flight are all examples of illegal mods. Including RegEdit (Editing registry). Knowingly teaming with/having someone use illegal mods for you may result in a ban as well. For a list of approved clients and mods, please read here: https://cbecrft.net/mods You can appeal your bans/mutes here: https://appeals.cubecraft.net

Punishment track: 7 day ban (Sentinel only) → 30 day ban → Permanent ban

1.3 - Drag clicking

Drag clicking is defined as dragging your finger along the mouse button of a mechanical mouse or mapping your click button to your mouse wheel. Drag clicking is prohibited and may result in a Sentinel ban. Also using multiple mice, may result in a punishment.

1.4 - Teaming/Crossteaming

Teaming is defined as intentionally working together with an enemy player in a solo mode game. Crossteaming is defined as intentionally working together with an enemy player in a team mode game. Both teaming and crossteaming are strictly prohibited in games with both solo and team modes available, as well as solo featured games. Featured games will host solo games such as Survival Games, but as there will be a team Survival Games hosted in the future, teaming is not allowed in the solo version. Teaming is allowed in FFA, Minerware and Assassinations. Teaming is allowed when every remaining player in a game agrees to it.

Punishment track: 1 day ban → 7 day ban → 30 day ban → Permanent ban

1.5 - Trolling

Trolling is defined as intentionally taking an action with the sole purpose of annoying, upsetting, or bullying another player. Trolling is strictly prohibited. Trolling can take many forms, like killing/injuring teammates, breaking crafting tables to steal from teammates, breaking defenses for no reason in games like Blockwars, spamming a player with friend/party invites or intentionally blocking teammates from building towers in Tower Defense. Trolling can also be used in games like EggWars where players will purposely block players in their spawn with obsidian to farm kills or to just keep them stuck, and not getting their egg. Using signs to bypass a server mute, or being banned for inappropriate skins several times will cause a trolling ban.

Punishment track: Warning → 1 day ban → 7 day ban → 30 day ban → Permanent ban

1.6 - Camping

Camping is defined as intentionally avoiding playing the game as intended by making it impossible or near impossible to access you. Camping is strictly prohibited. Camping can take the form of skybasing, building a floating base far from the normal play area, surrounding yourself with hazards like lava, or otherwise making yourself inaccessible for no other reason than to create a stalemate. Shop camping in assassins is not punishable, however it is discouraged as it can cause frustrations among the players. Camping in Eggwars does not apply to players farming generators for resources or to players defending their egg.

Punishment track: Warning → 1 day ban → 7 day ban → 30 day ban → Permanent ban

1.7 - Bug abuse

Bug abuse is defined as intentionally using a bug or glitch in any way, shape, or form. Bug abuse is strictly prohibited. Bugs can be reported here: https://cbecrft.net/bugs Knowingly working with/having someone abuse a bug for you may also result in a punishment.

Punishment track: 7 day ban → 30 day ban → Permanent ban

1.8 - Multiaccounting

Multiaccounting is the practice of using multiple accounts to gain an advantage in a game. These accounts can be either yours or someone elses. This includes using alts to fill enemy teams with useless players, farming kills on an alt in games like FFA, Assassins, etc. Players caught doing this will have their stats wiped. Bounty farming in Assassinations is also forbidden. This is the action of using an alternate account or another player to kill over and over again to obtain their bounty. Leading to the player getting 1000's of coins within a matter of minutes. As this is not how assassins should be played, it's now punishable.

Punishment track: 7 day ban → 30 day ban → Permanent ban

1.9 - Punishment evasion

Punishment evasion is defined as using another account in order to evade a ban or mute on another account. Evading a punishment will result in the same punishment being applied to the other account, except in cases of inappropriate skins/usernames. This may also result in your punishment being extended.

1.10 - Submitting fake evidences

Submitting fake evidence in the reports site will result in a permanent ban from our server and reports platform. We are going to be extremely strict with this type of behaviour.

2 - Server Chat Rules​

Server chat rules apply to ALL server chat, including party chat and private messages.

2.1 - Swearing

Swearing is defined as the use of offensive language such as profanities, expletives, hate speech, or other language intended to belittle, offend, or upset other users. Swearing is strictly prohibited. Hate speech of any kind does not require a warning. Bullying punishments are at the discretion of the moderation team. Masking swear words will result in a punishment. Swearing or threatening in your appeal will result in a punishment.

Punishment track: Warning → 3 day mute → 7 day mute → 30 day mute → Permanent mute

2.2 - Threats

Threats are defined as any sort of language used with the intent of threatening another player with real life actions such as assault, DDoS, or doxxing. Threats are strictly prohibited. Death/disease wishes and suicide encouragement falls under this rule.

Punishment track: 30 day mute → Permanent mute

2.3 - Chat trolling

Chat trolling is defined as any sort of language meant to confuse, trick, or troll other players. This includes tricks like telling players to press Alt+F4, using color codes to make fake private messages, and other methods of trolling others. Chat trolling is strictly prohibited.

Punishment track: Warning → 1 day mute → 3 day mute → 7 day mute → 30 day mute → Permanent mute

2.4 - Spamming

Spamming is defined as posting unwanted or unnecessary messages, often repeatedly in a short amount of time. Spamming includes posting random strings of symbols, using the same message over and over, asking for free ranks, and other things. Spamming is strictly prohibited.

Punishment track: Warning → 1 day mute → 7 day mute → 30 day mute → Permanent mute

2.5 - Impersonation

Impersonation is defined as any attempt to trick other players into believing you are a member of staff or a YouTuber. Impersonation is strictly prohibited.

Punishment track: Warning → 1 day mute → 7 day mute → 30 day mute → Permanent mute

2.6 - Scamming

Scamming is defined as any attempt to trick a player into revealing any personal information such as their password, home address, financial information, or more. Scamming is strictly prohibited. Scamming will result in an immediate permanent mute. Selling accounts, optifine capes and offering ranks publicly will result in a scamming mute. This rule doesn’t apply to YouTube giveaways.

Punishment track: Permanent mute

2.7 - Advertising

Advertising of other servers, social media accounts, or any other good or service is not allowed. Advertisement of Youtube videos, channels or streams is allowed but will result in punishment if it is spammed or abused. Users with the YouTuber rank may advertise their channels and other social media accounts.

Punishment track: Warning (for YouTube, Twitch, or social media advertisement only) → 1 day mute → 7 day mute → 30 day mute → Permanent mute

2.8 - Doxing

Doxing is defined as leaking any private information without consent, typically for a malicious purpose. This practice can result in a ban from the entire network.

3 - Forum Rules

All server chat rules are also enforced on the forums.

  • No inappropriate/offensive content of any kind. (This includes swearing.)

  • No bullying of any kind.

  • No posting of videos recorded on or promoting other servers.

  • No Necro-posting. This is replying to threads which haven't been posted on within 3 weeks. They are not allowed to be revived. Does not apply to news posts, games, map submissions or introduction threads.

  • Do not argue with/harass staff. They work hard to keep the server running smoothly.

  • No asking for confidential staff-only information like release dates, IP histories of users, etc.

  • No petition threads.

  • No like farming/message farming.

  • No pointless threads/posts. This includes posts unrelated to the topic, excessive bumping, derailing threads, etc.

  • No more than 2 bump posts in a topic. A "bump post" is one that has no content and only serves to bring the topic up to the top of a category.

  • Please don't repeat active threads. You may open a new thread discussing the same topic if the previous thread has been locked due to inactivity or hasn’t been active for 3 weeks.

  • The creation of multiple accounts is prohibited. This is to stop users from being banned on one and attempting to bypass these sanctions. This is also to avoid trolling and spam accounts. Bans are at the discretion of our staff members and management.

  • Trolling on the forums is not allowed. Taking an action with the sole purpose of annoying, upsetting, or bullying another forums user is strictly prohibited. This could be by what you post, your username, signature etc.

4 - Discord Rules

All server chat rules are also enforced on Discord.

  • No inappropriate "Playing" messages.

  • No inappropriate usernames.

  • Do not post in staff-help unless you have a legitimate issue.

  • Avoid controversial discussion (politics, religion, etc).

  • No voice spoofers/changers in voice channels.

  • No obnoxious behavior in voice channels (screaming, blasting music, etc).

  • No spamming.

  • Selling accounts or any other product is strictly prohibited.

  • No DM Advertising.

  • No swearing. Bullying isn’t allowed and punishments are at the discretion of moderation team.

  • Advertising other servers isn’t allowed.

  • Threatening/Harassing other players via DM can result in a discord server ban.

  • Using channels incorrectly may result in a discord server ban.

We reserve the right to change our rules at any time and under special circumstances the moderation team may issue bans or mutes at their own discretion.

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