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The rules and guidelines for the CubeCraft Network.

Last Modified: 25-01-2023

1 - Server Gameplay Rules

The following rules apply to our Java and Bedrock Minecraft Servers.
Important Notes:
If you want to appeal your punishment, submit an appeal at https://appeals.cubecraft.net.
The punishments shown in this section are bans.

1.1 - Inappropriate Usernames/Skins

Any username or skin deemed inappropriate by the staff team will be banned from the server until the offending feature has been changed to a more appropriate one.
The inappropriate usernames/skins rule covers the following situations:
- Sexual themes
- Offensive figures
- Controversial topics
- Inappropriate language
- Invisible and small skins (Bedrock)
- Inappropriate capes (Bedrock)

1.2 - Use of Illegal Modifications (Cheating)

Any client or mod that provides a distinct, gameplay-changing advantage is not allowed. The use of illegal clients or mods is strictly prohibited.
The use of illegal modifications rule covers the following situations:
- Mods like kill aura, anti-knockback, x-ray, and fly.
- Auto-clickers, macros, mapping your click button to your mouse wheel or using multiple mice.
- Knowingly teaming with or having someone using illegal modifications for you may result in a ban as well.
For a list of approved clients and mods, please read this thread: https://cbecrft.net/mods. If the mod you want to use is not on that list, please contact a moderator.

Punishment Track: 30 Days → Permanent

1.3 - Teaming/Cross-Teaming

Teaming is defined as intentionally working together with an enemy player in a solo game mode. Cross-Teaming is defined as intentionally working together with an enemy player in a team game mode.
This rule doesn’t apply in these instances:
- In FFA and MinerWare.
- When every remaining player that is alive in a game agrees to it.

Punishment Track: 1 Day → 7 Days → 30 Days → Permanent

1.4 - Trolling

Trolling is defined as intentionally taking an action with the sole purpose of annoying or upsetting others.
The trolling rule covers the following situations:
- Killing/injuring teammates.
- Breaking crafting tables to steal items from teammates.
- Breaking defenses for no reason in games like Blockwars or EggWars.
- Spamming a player with friend/party invites.
- Repeatedly killing or obstructing other EggWars players immediately after respawning, without any intention of getting their egg.
- Using signs to bypass a server mute (Skips the Warning).
- Building inappropriate things.
- Being banned for inappropriate skin 3 or more times (Skips the Warning).
- Stream sniping a content creator, or a staff member an excessive amount of times is also considered Trolling. Only players with the Partner rank can report for stream-sniping.

Punishment Track: Warning → 1 Day → 7 Days → 30 Days → Permanent

1.5 - Camping

Camping is defined as intentionally avoiding playing the game as intended by making it impossible or making yourself nearly inaccessible for no other reason than to create a stalemate.
The following list contains all the possible forms of camping that are punishable on the server:
- SkyWars: Skybases.
- EggWars: Skybases and bases under islands.
- Lucky Islands: Skybases, avoiding a fight for several minutes with elytra, grappling hook, enderpearls, and skybases with shield wands.
- Duels: Intentionally leaving the boundaries of the arena.

Punishment Track: Warning → 1 Day → 7 Days → 30 Days → Permanent

1.6 - Bug Abuse

Bug abuse is defined as intentionally using a bug or glitch in any way, shape, or form. Bug abuse is strictly prohibited.
Knowingly working with/having someone abuse a bug for you may also result in a punishment.
Bugs can be reported here: https://cbecrft.net/bugs

Punishment Track: 7 Days → 30 Days → Permanent

1.7 - Multi-Accounting

The use of alternative accounts is allowed, but the following scenarios can result in a punishment:
- Don't use accounts to gain an advantage in the game.
- Don’t use alts to fill your team in a team gamemode to give you "extra lives" if your main account is taken out of the game.
- Don’t farm kills on an alt or with friends in games like FFA.
- Being AFK in parties to farm wins is against our server rules. Players caught doing this will have their stats wiped.
- Avoid sharing accounts. In case one of your accounts is used by another player to evade their punishment, it will be punished in the same way.
Multi-Accounting falls under Bug abuse, and therefore follows that punishment track.

1.8 - Punishment Evasion

Punishment evasion (also known as “Bypassing”) is defined as using another account in order to evade a ban or mute on another account. Evading a punishment will result in the same punishment being applied to the other account.
- This may also result in your punishment being extended.
- The exception to this rule is inappropriate skins/usernames.

1.9 - Report Platforms’ Rules

Our reports site has some requirements that must be followed. In case you do not meet the following requirements, your Java or Forums account will receive a warning.
- Trolling (for example, submitting a report with random videos/screenshots, or writing inappropriate extra information).
- Using old evidence: Evidence can’t be older than 14 days.
- Repeating reports: If your report has been denied, you are not allowed to submit it again. Please contact the moderator who denied it if you want to discuss their decision.
- Submitting reports using other player’s evidence.
- Using Labymod, Macro/KeybindMod or AdvancedChat (Java only).
- Deleting your evidence in less than 30 days, on a regular basis.

Punishment Track: Warning → Warning → Permanent Ban from our Reports Site

- Submitting a report while using a disallowed mod.

Punishment Track: Permanent Ban from our Reports Site and a Cheating Ban in-game

- Submitting falsified evidence.

Punishment Track: Permanent Ban from our Reports Site and our Minecraft Server

For more information about our reports platform, please read the following thread: https://www.cubecraft.net/threads/player-report-rules-and-guidelines-java-bedrock.175577/

2 - Chat Rules

The following rules apply to all our platforms, including our Minecraft Servers, our forums, and our official Discord server.
Important Notes:
If a rule applies to a specific platform, it will be mentioned.
The punishments shown in this section for Java and Bedrock Servers are mutes, but for Forums and Discord are bans.

2.1 - Inappropriate Messages

In order to maintain a chat suitable for all players, inappropriate language is not allowed on any platform, including our appeals and reports sites.
The inappropriate language rule covers the following situations:
- Extreme toxicity or bullying: Sending offensive messages to the same user more than 3 times may result in a punishment. In case of messages with a lot of offensive content the moderation team may punish (after discussing it) even if only a single message was sent.
- Swear words and profanities (includes masking). Exceptions may be made if an abbreviation of a swear word used is not directed at a player.
- Controversial discussions (e.g. political, religious, etc).
- Sexual, disease and drug references, violent and self-harm content.
- Messages intended to create drama, or disrespect to the CubeCraft Team.
- Any content that violates the above points, whether shared through a link, an image, or a video.
- QR codes.
- Any type of sexual media shared will be punished with a permanent punishment.
Important Notes:
- If you believe a player is harassing you in real life, please create a Safety Report here: https://www.cubecraft.net/forums/player-safety.124 and we will be happy to help.
- If you want to report a member of the CubeCraft Team, please create a Team Feedback in this sub-forum: https://www.cubecraft.net/forums/team-feedback.53/ and the Administration Team will respond to it as soon as possible.

Punishment Track: Warning → 3 Days → 7 Days → 30 Days → Permanent

2.2 - Hate Speech

Any message sent with the purpose to offend a player or group of players based on their race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, etc. is considered Hate Speech and is not allowed on our server.

Punishment Track: 14 Days → 30 Days → Permanent

2.3 - Threats

Threats are defined as any language used with the intent of threatening another player and/or their closed circle with real-life actions. Threats are strictly prohibited.
The Threats rule covers the following situations:
- Real-life threats, such as death threats and threats of personal data leaks.
- Wishing death or illness to a player.
- Suicide encouragement.
- Threatening or harassing a CubeCraft member on Discord or Forums private messages.

Punishment Track: 30 Days → Permanent

2.4 - Chat Trolling

Chat trolling is defined as any language meant to confuse, trick, or troll other players.
The Chat Trolling rule covers the following situations:
- Tricking players in-game (e.g. telling them to press Alt + F4) and using colour codes to make fake messages (DMs, plus, sentinel, etc).
- Tricking other players into breaking the rules.
- Any account that joins the Discord server or forums for the sole purpose of trolling may be banned permanently, at the discretion of the moderation team.
- Getting users do something in return for a prize.
- Trolling or offtopic discussions on Forums.

Punishment Track: Warning → 1 Day → 3 Days → 7 Days → 30 Days → Permanent

2.5 - Spamming

Spamming is defined as posting unwanted or unnecessary messages, often repeatedly in a short amount of time.
The Spamming rule covers the following situations:
- Posting random strings of symbols in 3 or more messages.
- Sending the same message or content 3 or more times.
- Asking for donations, free ranks, accounts, cosmetics or other products and services.
- Sending chain messages, copypasta and Text Art (ACSII).
- Continuously asking for a punishment to be removed when the final decision has been already told to them.
- The spamming rule is more lenient on Discord, where we allow up to 5 messages with the same content.
- Exceptions may be made by the moderation team if the context requires it. For example, sending extremely long meaningless messages, or messages that repeat the same words may be considered spamming with only 1 message. On the other hand, expressions such as "gg" will not be considered spam unless they are sent multiple times within a few seconds.

Punishment Track: Warning → 1 Day → 7 Days → 30 Days → Permanent

2.6 - Impersonation

Impersonation is defined as any attempt to trick other players into believing you are a Team CubeCraft Member or Partner.
The Impersonation rule covers the following situations:
- Pretending to be a Team CubeCraft Member or Partner.
- Faking Team CubeCraft Members’ or Partners’ prefixes.
- Saying a member of your family is a Team CC member with the purpose of intimidating a player or damaging the reputation of the team.

Punishment Track: Warning → 1 Day → 7 Days → 30 Days → Permanent

2.7 - Scamming

Scamming is defined as any attempt to trick a player into revealing any important personal information.
The Scamming rule covers the following situations:
- Tricking players into revealing confidential information like their password, home address, IP, financial information.
- Selling or exchanging goods or services. This does not apply to in-game exchanges, such as a diamond sword for a cake in Team Skywars.
Important Notes:
- This rule doesn’t apply to YouTube giveaways.
- This rule is more lenient on Discord and Forums, where selling or trading messages are punished with a warning the first time.

Punishment Track: Permanent

2.8 - Advertising

As a general rule, advertising is not allowed, but the following exceptions will be made:
- Advertising Youtube channels or videos is allowed once every 10 minutes in-game, or every 12 hours on Discord (it includes forum threads). On forums, avoid sharing the same video multiple times or flooding the creations sub-forum with your videos.
- The advertised videos must have been recorded in CubeCraft or have about a 50% of the content in it. You are allowed to use another server’s footage as long as it is used as an explanation, such as for tutorials or suggestions.
- Advertising social networks in chat is not allowed, but you can send your Discord username to others.
- You are allowed to add your social networks and even your Discord server link to your forums signature, your linked networks in your forums settings and to your Discord status.
Important Notes:
- The moderation team reserves the right to remove and/or punish your account if we detect or receive a report of inappropriate content on your social networks.
- CubeCraft partners are allowed to advertise more frequently, as well as share their social networks.

Punishment Track: Warning (Doesn’t apply to other Minecraft Servers or SMPs) → 1 Day → 7 Days → 30 Days → Permanent
Discord Only:
- Advertising another Minecraft Server IP: 30 Days → Permanent
- DM advertising, advertising or streaming with a cheat client: Permanent
- Advertising a Discord server, streaming in another Minecraft server or sharing videos recorded outside the CubeCraft Network: Warning → 30 Days → Permanent

2.9 - Doxxing

Doxxing is defined as sharing any private information without consent, typically for a malicious purpose. This practice can result in a ban from the entire network. If this happens to you, please create a safety report here: https://www.cubecraft.net/forums/player-safety.124.
On Discord and Forums, the moderation team will permanently ban any user who shares private information about another person.

2.10 - Using Discord Channels Incorrectly

Each channel has an intended use and meaning. Make sure you check and know the channel you’re in, and only use it for that purpose and in that manner. Wrong channel usage is penalized.
Important Notes:
- Abusing our team-help ticket system is considered a misuse of the channel and your ability to make tickets will be removed, further punishments will follow if continued.
- In some contexts the CubeCraft Team will not apply a punishment for writing some words in another language, for example, saying "Bonjour or Hola" in the English channel.
- Speaking a different language in a language-specific channel or talking about Java in a Bedrock voice channel/Bedrock in a Java voice channel (e.g. creating a party to play EggWars Java and use the Bedrock voice channel or play EggWars Bedrock and use the Java voice channel): You will receive a warning from a Team CubeCraft member to stop doing so, and if you continue, the punishment track will be applied.

Punishment Track (Discord Only): Warning → Warning → 3 Days → 7 Days → 30 Days → Permanent

2.11 - Bothersome Voice Behaviour

Avoid using vocalization modifying utilities, screaming, chat channel hopping, playing music or other bothersome behaviour in voice channels.

Punishment Track (Discord Only): Warning → 7 Days → 30 Days → Permanent

2.12 - Inappropriate Reactions

Using improper emojis and reactions is not allowed. This includes using inappropriate emojis from another server, using emojis for innuendo, or to imply rude or distasteful jokes/commentaries.

Punishment Track (Forums and Discord): Warning → 7 Days → 30 Days → Permanent

2.13 - Like and Message Farming

Avoid increasing your reaction score or your number of posts on the forum illegitimately.
This rule covers the following situations:
- Asking for likes or any other reaction that increases your reaction score (Forums and Discord).
- Sending 3 or more posts in a row in the same thread.
- Sending posts with short senteces like "I agree" and "cool" 3 or more times the same day.
- Liking several posts in a row to boost other user(s) stats falls under this rule too.

Punishment Track (Forums and Discord): Warning → Warning → 7 Days → 30 Days → Permanent

2.14 - Inappropriate Signatures, Usernames, Statuses, “About me” and Profile Pictures

We do not allow inappropriate signatures, usernames, “about me”, or profile pictures on Forums. If you break this rule: your signature or “about me” will be removed, your profile picture deleted, or your name changed to an appropriate one chosen by a Team CubeCraft member.
We don’t moderate Discord profiles strictly, but if we see a server member with an inappropriate username or using their profile to attack other member(s) of the community, or to share hate speech messages, we will interfere.

Punishment Track (Forums and Discord): Warning → 7 Days → 30 Days → Permanent
Using your Discord profile to attack other members/hate speech: Warning → 30 Days → Permanent

2.15 - Multi-Accounting

The use of alternative accounts is not allowed on the forums.
Players caught bypassing a Discord ban will be banned again without a warning.
If you have been banned from our Discord server and you want to discuss this punishment, its legitimacy or reasons, please contact a member of the Moderation team on the forums to submit an appeal.

Punishment Track (Forums Only): Alternative Account: Permanent
Main Account: Warning → 7 Days → 30 Days → Permanent

2.16 - Bumping

A "bump post" is one that has no content and only serves to bring the topic up to the top of a category or avoid the topic being closed due to inactivity.
This rule covers the following situation:
- Sending more than 1 “bump” post in a suggestion

Punishment Track (Forums Only): Warning → Warning → 7 Days → 30 Days → Permanent

2.17 - Necroposting

Necroposting is defined as replying to forum threads that haven't had any new posts in the last 3 weeks in an attempt to revive them. This does not apply to news posts, forum games, introductions, or pinned threads.

Punishment Track (Forums Only): Warning → 1 Day → 7 Days → 30 Days → Permanent

2.18 - Petition Forum Threads

Creating posts asking for the removal of a player’s punishment or another similar topic is not allowed. The petition thread will be removed and the user punished.

Punishment Track (Forums Only): Warning → 7 Days → 30 Days → Permanent

2.19 - Repeating Active Forums Threads

Please don't repeat active Forum threads. You may only open a new thread discussing the same topic if the previous thread has been locked due to inactivity, or hasn't been active for 3 weeks.

2.20 - Don't Spam Applications

You are not allowed to make a new application before you are permitted. Please wait for the time-out period of your application to pass first before reapplying. Submitting applications with the intention to troll is also not allowed.

Punishment Track (Forums Only): Warning → Warning → 7 Days → 30 Days → Permanent

We reserve the right to change our rules at any time and under special circumstances, the moderation team may issue bans or mutes at their own discretion.

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