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  • Me and Zburning on the server are practically impossible to beat for console players. We both clap nearly everyone we see and rarely die. I'm not saying I'm the best, I'm just saying that if you combined us, we might be able to slightly compare to Technoblade or Dream. Keyword MIGHT and SLIGHTLY!
    OKAY I was proven wrong about my hacker report. I admit, I was kinda angry about it because I genuinely believe he was cheating. I'm not sure about the max CPS that people can do on console, which I play on. The guy imo was hacking but I realized that I provided too little of a clip to prove anything. I'll try to do what I can to better my hacker reports since I always try to capture my evidence on camera.
    My latest hacker report was denied for insufficient evidence and I'm calling BS. The clip I provided needs you to turn up your volume and you'll hear the hacks. The hacks that are common are being able to hit someone 1000 times your normal cps, which you can actually hear if you listen closely. You can hear the 500 swings per second.
    I carried my friend in SkyWars today, his name is Zburning and he's almost as good as me which makes him fun to PvP and play with. I only carried him because he immediately died to a kid using snowballs and eggs.
    Honestly, I only really half care about winning skywars games. The only things I care about really are the kills, which is why I mostly dominate those games with the kills, even in games with hackers, I manage to slip in 2-3 kills cuz I don't worry about winning or staying alive, just trying to out-manoeuvre someone in PVP and kill them.
    Might also be why I mostly lose in eggwars
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