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  • Tips fo egg wars part2
    3) TNT! - you dont know how many games Ive won with tnt. tnt is good for tnt launching, breaking bridges, and breaking eggs
    4) rush the people next to you before getting op - while youre getting diamonds, the people near you will go for your egg
    5) examine the teams - maybe destroying the under-equipped team might be a better choice than rushing the full-diamond team
    hope u like
    Tips for egg wars.

    1) learn to speed bridge -- I don't care how good at PVP you are, you need to learn to speed-bridge

    2) Don't always try to kill people -- if you just destroyed a team's egg but they have good armour/weapons, just build up and leave. You don't stand a chance.

    See next post for more tips!
    EggWars Strat:

    *Egg Needed

    Difficulty: 2/10
    Other people need to see you with good weapons/gear.
    Get a chest.
    After you know that the other people have seen you with your good loot, put everything in a chest and die.

    The other players will think that you just died in the void with all your good loot and will start attacking you. Little do they know, you still have your good loot.
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