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    Defensive position side quest

    It worked thx
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    Defensive position side quest

    That's what it says
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    Defensive position side quest

    So on the island Blaze Spawner( forth island in the nether) there is a side quest where i have to kill blazes with protection i tried fire protection it didn't work and on the description of the quest it says i can acquire these effects with the beacon.I have a beacon but when i put ingots it...
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    Bug with tools

    So i cant throw any of my tools in the chest or in my inventory i try throwing it on the ground but it stays in my hotbar is that a bug ?
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    Wither in bedrock

    Nevermind it was kinda easy thanks tho for the advice tho
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    Wither in bedrock

    So i have the quest dark souls to kill the wither but in bedrock the wither is harder than the java wither.So the question is does the skyblock wither in bedrock does he have the new abilities that they gave him or is it as the java edition wither?
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    Can't craft fireworks

    So in the swampland there is a side quest to make fireworks but i cant make is that a bug or isn't it added yet
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