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    Forwarded Fix cubecraft kb

    I will have to disagree, sure I cant do some of the same stuff I used to be able to do. But What I have realised is that people take less knockback, but this knockback is more consistent, and more predictable, therefore allowing me to hold comboes for longer.
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    Looks like I really need to get some work done this morning :)

    Send a picture of what you're drinking to start your day off! What's in my drink today is 3 tablespoons of coffee and 1 tablespoon of sugar.
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    Morning drink 🥛

    My man 😎, Jokes aside please stay healthy :)
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    Morning drink 🥛

    You need to stay hydrated smh!
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    Morning drink 🥛

    So uhhh Warm milk...?
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    I love that you are trying, great to see more cubecraft content creators on twitch :)
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    Morning drink 🥛

    I honestly love coffee. I am always deciding between that and tea in the morning. Really depends on how tired I am in the mornings. On days that I am really tired some black coffee does the job, however most of the time I am having tea
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    Morning drink 🥛

    Good morning all :) What drink do you guys start your day off with ? I myself start my day off with some lemon and ginger tea. its been a daily morning thing for a while! (please excuse the messy background!!)
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    For bedrock I completely disagree. You have to be quite skilled to use the kit because you take A LOT of damage from enemies. So you have to use your pots in a way thats conservative and be careful not to be hit.
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    Video The SMOOTHEST eggwars render (600fps)

    Oh yeah, I saw your post LMAO. FFA does require like a NASA PC
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    Bedrock Favourite Bedrock Skywars Map

    Wiring would be my favourite. It's flat land PVP with some void.
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    Planned Players and Entity render distance will fix most of LAG (FFA/RPG/Lucky Blocks)

    It feels like FFA requires a NASA PC to run lmao
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    Video The SMOOTHEST eggwars render (600fps)

    This is literally the smoothest eggwars render on youtube at the moment. I recorded the video at 300fps and then used flowframes to interpolate it to 600fps. And then used tmix to resample to 60fps again. This took like 11 hours to make lmao. 1:36 for funny moment 😏
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