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    Level 87 =D

    This is bedrock, you must play java, which idk if java is harder to get xp but bedrock lvls get tough when it's in the 70s
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    No have mercy I'm on vacation xD, you'll win lol

    No have mercy I'm on vacation xD, you'll win lol
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    Level 60 yay!

    Nice accomplishment, road to lvl 75 👀
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    Level 87 =D

    I've played since late 2018
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    SkyWars A lot of skywars solo

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    Java Suggestion

    For #1 I fully agree, I don't play java but that just makes sense to prevent cleaning. Also Fellow Goku, what's good?
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    Lucky Islands Got my first 11 Kill win today🙂

    11 kills 👀, last time I saw one was a year ago, congrats dude
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    👑 VIP Levels Update - 25 New Levels, Profile Images, 100 New Loot Items! ✨

    Not gonna lie, even though I'm gold 17, I really like this update, especially the way it rewards you with cool username colours, like for diamond 25 you get this username colour that goes from cyan > light blue > white
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    Level 87 =D

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    🤺 Create a Duels Kit Competition

    Glass canon : leather/chain armour(protection 2 if voted OP), 2 gaps, 16 steak, a diamond sword(sharpness 1 if voted OP), and a bow(power 1 if voted OP) 8 arrows(to stop bow spamming), 4 stacks of blocks(that dissapear after a certain amount of time to stop skybasing) and 1 pearl(that gives you...
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    Some History - TCCT#58

    This is the one time I enjoyed a history lesson and I'm proud of it
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    Bedrock Instantly right click in mobile

    So recently, there was a bug that got fixed where(on mobile) you would touch on air with anything right-click able, food/ranged weapons/ equipping armour, most people abused it by eating while running food, and also drawing your bow while running, and instantly shooting afterwards. I didn't...
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    Looks like I really need to get some work done this morning :)

    Minecraft rabbit soup Help I havent eaten in 3 days
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    Video I snipped him from across the map!

    Just imagining the salt that kid felt
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