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    Introduce a skywars 1 v 1

    I agree. That would be an amazing feature. We'll see :)
  2. nerotus

    Add more mid to Skywars java

    I actually don't know ahaha. I feel like all maps are good to be honest. They never feel small. Only for the map: Sundae but you can go to mid with 1 or even without blocks. And what is your idea of 'more' mid?
  3. nerotus

    Why do the enchantments make no sense

    Because I think it's disabled for fair reasons. But I might be wrong too. But my guess is that it's disabled for being too op. who knows? :)
  4. nerotus

    Favourite projectile type and time?

    I can't vote :( but I actually don't care about the game settings. I get upset if I get thrown off the bridge if someone throws projectiles at me but, its part of the game.
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    Speed in skywars is bad

    My bad. Should've put 1.9 in your thread title.
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    Speed in skywars is bad

    ehhhh.... I have to disagree. I mostly use the swordsman kit, unless it's OP. To counter people with speed I usually try to aim at their head OR try to give them kb before beginning a fight (By throwing snowballs/eggs or rod). Or you can just run away till their speed goes away. ahaha :). Btw...
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    Java and bedrock

    I really really like the maps, Ping Pong and Zen. I really don't play teams that much.
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    FFA Healing In FFA.

    not even a bit, A LOT.
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    FFA Healing In FFA.

    This suggestion got asked multiple times. And I think that it's a bad idea. Let me explain. You're forgetting that people can buy protection armor and sharpness swords. Those people will 'likely' never die.
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    [relevant to all non-duels pvp] Opinions on cleaning/third partying?

    It's part of the game you actually can't do anything about it. Just try to watch your back when you finished a fight. And about the chest situation, you gotta do it faster. Like I only take useful stuff out of the chest.
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    FFA Wars.

    Why do I have a feeling that this is for the 1.9 version of FFA. On 1.8, the war between groups ended. But I agree to the flat map though. Sometimes the terrain/building/structures interrupts the PvP experience. But a map has to have terrain, building and structures, otherwise it's get boring...
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    I think it's a bad idea, because people that buy prot armor and sharp swords will likely never die. Therefore, I think it's too op.
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    Duels on 1.8

    I agree. I liked to play duels on 1.8. I don't like 1.9 PvP mechanics (thats just my opinion)
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    Java Replay mod

    Some servers have a replay of the match you just played. Thats what I think hes referring to.
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