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    🌐 Community Driven Translations

    Well, that would have been true if the solution right now is better than before, but it isn't. Translation is a complex work. You could have a thousand different ways to translate a single string, and you need a place for all the translators to discuss and make decisions. Even in those...
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    🌐 Community Driven Translations

    Oh I didn't know that. I'm going to spam it :P
  3. KLsz

    🌐 Community Driven Translations

    yay im so happy can die rn bla bla hazero riaru hikero shinapusu banisshumento dhisu waaaarudo hakalaka
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    Coding Behind the Cube #5 - Mr. Worldwide 🌏

    Never expect it to be such a sophisticated system. Really amazed by how CubeCraft could achieve this.
  5. KLsz

    All Networks Cubecrafts Maps

    I'm bad at this kinds of games and I fell it in every single day 🤣 Although I do disagree with this idea as it is indeed a part of the game I think.
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    Important suggest | /map

    I remembered a while ago when I was reporting a bug in Survival Games and I realised there was no place to find what the map is called at all. So this is definitely a good suggestion :agree:
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    Discord Add Russian to your discord server

    But will they come if we have such a channel to make them feel more confortable?
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    All Networks Tower Defense suggestions

    That sending-mobs-to-all-opponent game mode is really a good idea. I think it will be fun and it is much, much more feasibile than the 1v1 Tower Defense idea from someone else before.
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    Implemented Change the Discord widget background color

    Because this suggestion is going to pass 25 votes, I want to address my reason of saying it way too saturated before that. If you map those colour in a perceptually uniform space, for example in CIELab, the primary colour of the forum, the blue, has a chroma value of C* = 50, while the...
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    Implemented Change the Discord widget background color

    I personally disagree with the new colour. It just looks way too saturated compared to its surroundings that I don't think it suitable to be a background colour for a frame here. And also Discord actually don't have a clear answer to the which purple you should use. If you just follow that...
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    All Networks Add a new rule in server gameplay

    EggWars related part should have been very clearly addressed in 1.5.
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    Denied Remove #swedish-general

    I do think some languages can be more active on Discord than they are now if we can separate them into a different channel. In fact if you have used #other-languages yourself, you will realise your chat being burried by other languages. That is very much a thing. For example, again on Japanese...
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    Denied Remove #swedish-general

    Well, as you say, it will look very spammy and messy if all languages are speaking in the same time. I actually think players will prefer to use those few big languages to chat if it were such an environment. So, I personally think the reason why CubeCraft would want to setup Discord as such...
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    Denied Remove #swedish-general

    Is it something with my English? What I mean is that why not everyone just talk in the same channel? Minecraft ingame chat does not have language filter. Why should we have that in Discord? What is the reason to setup this kinds of things in the first place?
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    Denied Remove #swedish-general

    I mean what's the reason of dividing channels in the first place.
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