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  • Hello, long time no posting here huh. So I collected some AmAzInG clutches and combined them into a video, this is the link in case you're interested:
    I hope you'll like it because it took quite a while
    Hello! I am looking for fellow small CubeTubers to make some kind of collaboration video, but first a little about me:
    I have 65 subscribers and 5575 views. I`m looking for people around my size who make Eggwars videos (on Java Edition). If you are interested feel free to reply to this message or contact me in discord TBD#1670 for further information.
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    Wow thank you! Yes, being in top 5 video is a fun mini challenge and I will keep competing every time. I`ve got two last places so far. but that`s about to change :)
    I'm sure you will get in the top 5 again, i'm sure of it!
    I didn`t get in :/ but the next theme will feature traps, I will try harder this time
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