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    Dou in lucky block

    I think this is a great idea actually. Lucky block islands needs duos I fully support!
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    Ummmm, what?
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    Bedrock comboing / new knockback isn't fun

    wow there is some ✨tension✨ in this thread
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    Bedrock Level rewards and quests

    Would be nice to see some small perks for leveling up!
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    Bedrock Level rewards and quests

    Yeah, I support this. Leveling up on bedrock is pretty uneventful, seeing as there aren't any cubelets or anything.
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    Bedrock Winning against a hacker

    oh my god You are insanely good for being a mobile player. Better than a lot of console players I've seen! Good job on winning the fight!
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    Bedrock Upgrade emeralds

    Something that might be cool as an expensive maybe 16 emerald item is a totem of undying, that'd be useful
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    Bedrock Upgrade emeralds

    I kinda support the fire balls being so insanely hard to get, as if not everyone would just fireball bomb bridges when people started to rush, meaning you have to save for ender pearls, making the game last ages. The emeralds should definitely be worked on though. I'm willing to bet like 97% of...
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    Building a nether portal in Lucky Islands!

    some of us are incredibly bored
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    Bedrock Murder Mystery for Bedrock?

    Despite what I said above though, I agree with these concerns. Some slight modifications would have to be done to the game mode to make it more bedrock friendly. There is also the fact that Hive already has a similar game. Perhaps the concern isn't being accused of copying, but simply luring...
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    Bedrock Murder Mystery for Bedrock?

    I think it'll be far more popular on the bedrock network. Not only are there a lot more players to begin with, bedrock players are mobile/console, the type of demographic that are more likely to be interested in that kind of game. Java players tend to be a bit more combat oriented, while...
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    I got a 2:22 eggwars solos any% speedrun

    Wow, that is an absolutely insane time. Great job!
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    Bedrock Blockwars Bedrock

    absolutely unrelated, but 8.5k wins is insane. Good job!
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    FFA Karma, again

    I'm confused how this is karma too. The guy didn't even fight you, you rushed him while he was typing How is that karma?
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