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    Java Egg wars

    Agreed, punch bows are way to strong. Removing them would be a good option.
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    The Great "Damage Indicator" Debate

    Sorry, i got a discord notification. And apperantly I didn't press the new noti, I pressed a old one.
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    The Great "Damage Indicator" Debate

    Wouldn't labymod users be able to still see the health, with solution 2?
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    Sculpter quest help (IGNORE I FIGURED IT)

    Uhm... I'm pretty sure a slab is made with 3 items. https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Slab Edit: Ignore i figured it, ohh ok
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    Assassins Items back when killed by a hacker.

    You just lose the stuff from that game(in uhc), I don't think hypixel is just going to give you gear the next game lol.
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    Assassins Items back when killed by a hacker.

    How can they(server/staff) know, I don't think they can just keep track of everyone ever killed and what they had in their inventory.
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    This seems pretty legit tbh.
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    Java Solution to the mishandling of the reports command ↻ ::

    This would be helpfull to get rid of rulebreakers faster, but i think level 75 is a bit too high. I think level 30-50 would be a bit more reasonable.
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    All Networks Solo Bridge Fight Gamemode Suggestion (With Concept Video)

    If you had a limited amount of blocks, like 10 or something for such a small map, then it would be cool. I think blockwars bridges is to chaotic because of the players that are in the game.
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    I agree, ranked skywars would be cool.
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