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    Hey guys were are doing my livestream yet again, if you want to join in my channel is ElementalFox Gaming on youtube, we play for fun and theres no pressure to be the best. We just do this for the lols and to find new people to play with :)
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    Video MONDAY MADNESS! Livestreaming w/ peoples!

    Hey Yall! We are doing another eggwars livestream today! As you might already know, I'm stream to find knew people that enjoy the same games I do. If your one of those people, then come join me in my cubecraft livestream! The Fox Nation Welcomes all! Discord: https://discord.gg/DZkbzg Youtube...
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    Popping some eggs, having some fun, come check it out. The more people the better! :D Channel: ElementalFox Gaming
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    Video LIVESTREAMING EGGWARS w/ subscribers

    Hey Yall! Were doing some EGGWARS epicness for you guys, and we might be doing some skywars to! Mainly cubecraft livestream today and as always i'm looking for other games to join me. This livestream is in honor of those we've lost to school. lol Livestream: Channel: ElementalFox Gaming...
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    The Struggle is real....

    Ok so, I am a small Youtuber that basically ONLY plays Eggwars. I love it, can't get enough of the game. One thing though that I have found to be IMMENSILY annoying on this server is this - Hackusators. Its not even JUST the hackers, its the hackusators that come with the hackers. I have played...
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    Video LIVESTREAMING EGGWARS :) Come play with me :D

    Livestreaming with peoples!!! anyone can join! We doing fun things! Channel:
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    About to start livestreaming on my channel :) some eggwars FTW

    About to start livestreaming on my channel :) some eggwars FTW
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    Doing a fun nonsensical mid-day madness livestream, and all are welcome to join as always :) Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw2V-6w5b-1oFQK6fF4-AFg Discord: https://discord.gg/57dw6
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    I have achieved new headsets! YES i'm so hyped that i'm taking them out for a test drive! Livestream with all the people! Come join me if you want to have some fun! :D Discord: https://discord.gg/D9kcRy Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw2V-6w5b-1oFQK6fF4-AFg
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    Video LIVESTREAMING! Any and All welcome to join me on Eggwars!

    It's ok man, the stream wasn't my best game wise today - hope you feel better though!
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    Video LIVESTREAMING! Any and All welcome to join me on Eggwars!

    Hello what's up Cubecrafters! I'm doing my daily Eggwars livestream and am happy to welcome anybody that would like to join! My youtube channels name is ElementalFox Gaming My Discord Channels name is ElementalFox Gaming my Username is ElementalFox1 Link to Livestream:
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    Video Any Requests?

    The Arcades could be fun
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    Video Any Requests?

    Alright guys! I am having some slight trouble using Oreo's computer to play Eggwars because if it difference to my own computer back at home. So I am looking for games people would like to watch that do not include much Mele! Anybody have anything they really would like to see? Please reply to...
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    Video Livestreaming Eggwars on my Channel! Interactive come join! :)

    Channel: https://www.youtube.com/
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    New Sword

    I have no idea lol
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