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    String greeting = "Hello! I'm Cosmicluck!";

    Nice to meet you Kiki! Same to you! Cant wait to play more! You never know!
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    String greeting = "Hello! I'm Cosmicluck!";

    I mostly play Lucky Islands and Skywars, but I'll jump on PVP from time to time as well as a bit of skyblock! 😊
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    String greeting = "Hello! I'm Cosmicluck!";

    Hey there! The name's CosmicLuck. I don't know what to really say? I guess I can list off things I have done before CubeCraft. Developed for a few different servers including multiple years for a popular server I won't mention. (About 7 years I have been a developer) Was a head admin for the...
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    Eggwars Mega 1k wins

    Good work! Now go for 10k ;D
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    Count till staff interrupts!

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    Count till staff interrupts!

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    Hi there, I'm SoftwareSlicer.

    Welcome! I love the name by the way!
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    Java Cubelet Recipes

    I like this! It gives more flexibility to cubelets and I think a lot of people would appreciate this as an addition. Reward/point tweaks will probably be made, but I think this gives a good idea on what the whole premise is about.
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    Java Extra information to achievements - Repost

    I would love to see when I got achievements! And I can get behind the second one, kind of like how game consoles show you the same thing for their trophies or achievements. Would be cool to get one thats like <1% and be able to show off to your friends and say how rare it is!
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    Video Farming Guide

    I dont need the guide, but cool video - thanks for sharing!
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    Bedrock 20000 solo kills

    Coming from someone who is TERRIBLE at PVP, I applaud you for your accomplishment!
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    🎉🗳️ Java Voting Tweaks - More rewards, Personal Multipliers & More!

    Great work by the dev team 👍👍👍👍
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    Lucky Islands Feedback/Suggestions

    Here's what I have for ya'll, I might expand on this as I get more ideas. Forgive me if anything here has been suggested before! Shockwave Wand - A powerful wand that has a long cooldown. Upon use this wand will create a ripple in the blocks around the user and will knock adversaries back a...
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    Java Unlock /report after a certain number of successful reports

    I understand where you're coming from. No matter what you'll always have a lot of reports and I can see what you're saying with eventually everyone would just be reporting in game. Thank you for the feedback!
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