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    💖🎁 Valentine's 2021 - Maps, Bundle & Packs!

    Hello CubeCrafters! CubeCraft is spreading the love, and our Valentine's event is now live on both Java & Bedrock. Want to check it out, join now and read below for more information.
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    Marketplace Highlight - Sport Resort 🎾

    ⚽ Sport Resort 🏀 Hello Marketplace and fellow Bedrock members! As some of you know, I'm Cameron and I'm the Product Manager at CubeCraft, but I also assist with marketplace content. If that's with QA or making command blocks come to life! Welcome to our Marketplace Highlight for our latest...
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    Bedrock is 2 years old! - Claim your FREE pack & Old content returns!

    Hello CubeCrafters! Tomorrow, the 25th April, is our 2nd birthday on Bedrock! Wow... 2 years has zoomed past. In celebration of this event, we've made an exclusive Birthday Pack for everyone to claim for FREE! Just join our Bedrock network and in front of you will be a huge birthday pack, click...
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    Java & Bedrock - Mini Valentine's Update!

    Hello CubeCrafters and Happy Valentine's! Whilst we're still very busy and most of our time is dedicated to our "untitled survival in the sky game", we cannot forget about this loving event. Rather than forgetting about Valentine's day, we've added back our Valentine's maps on both our Java AND...
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    Christmas Update Part 2 - Maps, Bundle, Packs + Competition!

    Hello CubeCrafters! It's time for part 2 of our amazing Christmas update for 2019! Within this update, we're bringing you Christmas maps, a NEW bundle, epic loot packs and even a skin competition! If you want to learn more about this update, read below. What do you call a seasonal update...
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    Bedrock: Christmas Update Part 2 - Maps, Bundle + Competition!

    Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters! It's time for part 2 of our Christmas 2019 release for Bedrock! In this update, we're bringing you NEW and jolly Christmas styled maps, an awesome loot bundle exclusive to Christmas and a mini competition to get you more involved. Read below for more details! As...
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    Christmas Update Part 1 - Present Rush, Lobby, Loot + Present Hunt!

    Hello CubeCrafters and Merry Christmas! Wow, it's Christmas already? Well you know what that means... it's time to announce that Christmas has come to CubeCraft! This year we've got a lot of content for you. We've added back one of our classic Christmas games, our famous present hunt is back...
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    Bedrock: Christmas Update Part 1 - Snowman Survival + Present Hunt!

    Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters! It's that time of year again, where snow falls, fireplaces are lit and presents are wrapped! Christmas is a huge event for CubeCraft, and we love to go overboard! This year Christmas is bigger on our Bedrock network than ever! With the return of Snowman Survival and...
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    UP TO 75% OFF! - Black Friday Sale

    Hello CubeCrafters! In celebration of Black Friday, we're hosting a special sale on our Java Store! Everything from Ranks to Multipliers and Cubelets are discounted. Ends 3rd December! There's 50% off Cubelets, 40% off Multipliers and 30% off Lifetime ranks and upgrades! For the the first...
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    Incredible Map Update!

    Hello CubeCrafters! Long time no see, Halloween has pasted and Christmas is right around the corner. But before then, do you want an awesome map update? Of course you do! Introducing brand new maps for most of our gamemodes, on both Java 1.8 and 1.9! Look below to learn all about the new maps...
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    Bedrock: Mini Map Update!

    Hello Bedrock CubeCrafters! Introducing brand new maps for 2 of our most popular gamemodes, EggWars and SkyWars! Look below to learn all about the new maps. [CENTER] Arcade - Solo SkyWars - Made by @Riley Waterfall - Team EggWars (Teams of 4) Modern - Team EggWars (Teams of 2) ...
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    Halloween 2019 Part 2 - Maps, Bundle, Loot packs + More!

    Hello CubeCrafters! Halloween part 2 has arrived that it has brought so much content with it. So as, Halloween maps, an epic bundle and loot packs as well as a competition! Read below to find out more. Let's start by adding back our amazing Halloween maps! We're adding a total of 11 maps! 4...
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    Bedrock: Halloween 2019 Part 2 - Maps + Halloween Bundle!

    Hello CubeCrafters! It's time to release part 2 of our Halloween update to our Bedrock Edition network. Introducing new maps and an epic Halloween Bundle. Read below to find everything out! As expected, we've released some spooky maps for our Bedrock players to enjoy playing on during this...
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    Halloween 2019 Part 1 - Ender is back, Lobby & Pumpkin Hunt & More!

    Hello spooky CubeCrafters! October has arrived, which means time to get out the cobwebs, skeletons and fake severed hands! But this also means that Halloween has arrived at CubeCraft, for an entire month! What are you waiting for? Join our network today. Also if you join during the Halloween...
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    Bedrock: Halloween 2019 Part 1 - Ender, Lobby & Pumpkin Hunt!

    Happy Halloween Bedrock CubeCrafters! It's that spooky time of year again, where zombies come out from the ground and the ghosts start visiting! For the 2nd time, Halloween has joined our Bedrock Edition server. Want to know what's in the update? Read below to find everything out! As usual...
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