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  • Cubecraft is the first 1.9 Combat server I joined, almost the only one I was playing.
    I grew up with this project. Most my relationships are from cubecraft. All my 1.9 Combat skills are from cubecraft.

    Right now I think I am good (7 / 10) at PvP. The only thing I still need to practice is W-Tapping, I'm terrible in both defending and using it.

    :cube_light: Cubecraft Team & Players are awesome!
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    You are very suspicious
    Even though CubeCraft players are toxic, we can all be. I was born a pufferfish and I am toxic by nature.

    But when you guys trashtalk people while condemning them for trashtalk is just hilarious..
    For those who wonders - I count shoppers by sending a message of how many I've killed. I used to count just in my notepad, then I was sending "bye bye shopper" and only then I was counting in chat. So, everything is legal trust me
    I have killed 12,310 shoppers (12 thousands and 310). By the way, I don't use shop to kill shoppers, so I'm even more proud.
    Shoppers are people in FFA mode who uses shop to buy new weapon/armor. Usually they buy full set of diamond protection III and diamond sword with sharpness III
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