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    It just alerts all staff online.
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    Factions and battle siege should be 2 different servers. But make sure the donations don't become to op with stuff. They have.
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    Skywars' Issues

    Donators need to get something
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    I recommend sonic69812 to be mod

    Laser i ment to reply to something else said before. Lol
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    Do I just report my self?
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    Friend system

    Claudia Isa great mod
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    Ya but it says u will be banned if you use it to much!
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    For special builds when do you get notified about them?

    For special builds when do you get notified about them?
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    Youtuber rank

    @halothe23 do u think you could contact some/one of the youtubers/youtuber and see if they could make a vid or 2 on cubecraft?
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    I think that there needs to be a mod/admin on the assassins server around 24/7 because when people die or get betrayed there is so much foul language. I think with this idea there should be a mod thats isn't well known by most people or have a new mod with no rank in the chat or shown but they...
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    Friend system

    I think with the friend system tht assassins needs it.
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    /color f ?

    That would help a lot
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    Mod suggestion

    103 replies o dang
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    mod suggestion

    Lol I think most are.
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