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    All Networks Leaderboards

    I agree 1 million procent, cube is so lazy when it comes to this, it doesnt cost a dime
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    Where is the leaderboard?

    First you remove the top 200 player leaderboards from the forum and now you remove the top 200 player leaderboards in the lobby. Why? Is this a bug/will this be fixed or what? Explain. And if it is a bug, fix it and fix it fast. Or better, add a top 10 podium for each game in the lobby. It's...
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    where are the xmas maps?

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    fix the lag-back

    fix the lag-back
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    is it allowed to say "f"?

    for example "f kid"
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    Where is the forums leaderboard

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    Question about leaderboards

    ye its the same with skywars it doesnt update and it has been more than 24 hours wtf cubecraft?
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    solo skywars update

    when will we get a solo skywars update? its been 2 years since the last update
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    Java when will we get a SOLO SKYWARS (MAP) UPDATE???

    its been over 2 years since we got a solo skywars map update when asked when we would get a new solo skywars map update the only thing we got was this screenshot above you've been teasing the solo skywars community for years now telling us that we would get some new maps and so where tf are...
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    waow thats sooo cool no one cares
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    Video Tiktok masterpiece

    i dont get it, boring video af, -10/10
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    Builds Solo Skywars map: Rome

    i dont like this map
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    Web Suggestion: Bring back the online leaderboard

    this is not good enough edit: haha im a java player and after seeing that it said "only bedrock" this really pisd me off, this definitely not good enough, not even f close
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