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Mar 21, 2021
View attachment 195526ayo! What’s up everybody, I have been playing FFA a lot of time because it’s so funny to clean people, teams, youtubers, “pro” guys, toxic guys, targetters, etc.

Today I broke my old killstreak record (89) because a team of 4 (full diamond kit beast) killed me with no pots and wizard kit, so in this time I have been practicing and I do this, kinda doubleing my record, so guys I wanna talk about this! You’re that good? I’m open to talk about your better killstreak!

(Sorry about grammar lol, I’m a Spanish speaker)

so i have an idea, ik about tree guys, one with 300killstreak, another with 105 and a YouTube however his called (I don’t remember his name, is team something) with a 98 killstreak

what about a ffa killstreak lareboard! We can make ffa a more playable game and add more gamers in this game! :) because i have seen rumors that the new server (yeah, that server that you see misterious new in minecraft servers screen) it’s going to be hipyxel, and cubecraft has a lot of future, (and I suppose that nobody wants to cubecraft the same thing hypixel did to the server in Java) because cubecraft it’s doing EVERYTHING, seriously EVERYTHING RIGHT!! on bedrock.

so my idea is

we can add lareboards in FFA of the higher kill streaks, I have seen another treath about this and they saw that targeting could be a problem, but I have a solution, we can only hide the top players names in killstreak to avoid the targeting, and If you want in settings menu you can activate your name in the lareboard.
This is my idea, if cubecraft keep doing everything right they could be the 1º server on bedrock and bypassing hive, etc in everything!!

cya guys!! :)
My kill streak is 0, ye guys don’t ask how I’m that good u just gotta practice yk and y’all can be as good as me :) , but seriously I played some times this mode and I saw really good players that had high kill streak so the idea isn’t even that bad it can get even more people in this mode just to be in a leaderboard but good job man, nice idea xD
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we need to know who wins ww3
Suggestion #4: Win and lobby items. I think a win item like a flying stick or anything cool like that would be epic to show off and would be a nice feature. Same with lobby items like a grappling hook for instance, all of these items should definitely be removed when you start a parkour of course.
Suggestion #3: Rank maker, it would be a really cool idea. Each 6 levels you can make a new rank, so for example I can have the custom rank [Duck] Modiess since ive reached VIP level 6, when someone reaches VIP level 12, they get to make a new one.
Modification: I think the fly ability should be accessed by VIP level 5-10 players only, I think 30 is way too much since thats almost 100 dollars for a measly flying ability. I dont think I know anyone in the right mind who owns it (sorry spenders ;-;)
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